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The latest defense and aerospace news from DefenseFile
02 June 2009

Warm weather is always a tonic to make us feel a little better and, here in the UK at least, we have blue skies and summer temperatures countering the constant news of greedy politicians and subdued economy. Ignoring the mainstream media, of course, there is a great deal of positive news and - while the worldwide recession will continue for some time - many in our industries are gearing up for what is to come, announcing new products and services, new initiatives and innovations and planning for increased production.

Just three months away, the DSEi show, the world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition, is set to showcase a confident industry with plenty to shout about. You can sign up to visit the exhibition here.

I hope you find the featured news and products below of interest, read more about any story by clicking the link. And don't forget that there are thousands more news and products pages on the web site at

Defense and aerospace news - April edition
30 April 2009
What is the future for defense and aerospace manufacturers?

With manufacturing output down around the world, you might be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing being ordered and no immediate future for production. It is true that many of those associated closely with the automotive sector are suffering badly but, elsewhere, the picture is patchy, with many specialists working through full order books and restricted cash flow often a bigger factor than volume.

In the defense industries, uncertainty could become as important as the economy. In the UK, John Hutton has signalled plans to follow earlier U.S. policy announcements, talking about a shift in spending away from 'traditional' equipment towards the needs of anti-terrorism strategies.

As yet, it is unclear what this will mean in either country. What is clear, however, is that others will follow suit and a major readjustment of military thinking appears inevitable. But defense suppliers are flexible entities and will doubtless rise to the challenge. After all, there is tanker-like inertia between governments and the military, these things take a long time to translate into real differences on the ground.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of DefenseFile News and welcome any suggestions you may have. As usual, if you know anyone who will find our newsletter useful, please pass it on and don't forget that we publish all relevant news free - so make sure that your organisation is sending us YOUR news.

Best wishes,
Jerry Osborne - Editor

News for the Defense, Aerospace and Airports Industries
09 March 2009
Hello and welcome to the March edition of DefenseFile News, keeping you updated with the latest from around the world. In this issue we look at news, products and applications from across the industries involved in defense and aerospace as well as showing you how to make more of this free resource.

While banks, insurance companies and auto manufacturers across the globe continue to be bailed out by governments, those involved in and supplying to the defense sectors have fared better than most. This is not a time for complacency, however and manufacturers and suppliers everywhere must continue to invest and innovate. Of course, investment is far from easy for those reliant on credit, when the banks have become so paranoid after their own failures that they now hang on to every penny, every cent!

In another twist on this theme, President Barak Obama has signalled a fundamental review and reformation of defense contracting, the objective being the removal of fraud from the processes and the ending of open-ended contracts and overuns. The Presidential Memorandum published on 4th March aims to make contracting fairer and more accessible to a wider industry audience.

At DefenseFile we report constantly on the success stories, contract awards and the good work done by organisations large and small. There is no secret to getting your firm's stories published on DefenseFile, we use any story that is relevant and representative of the industries we cover. All you have to do is register as a contributor and send your news to me. WE DON'T CHARGE FOR USING YOUR STORIES, our publication is funded by sponsors and advertisers. You can, of course, pay for us to use your images or videos if you wish but edirial is published without charge in the interests of integrity and independence.

The DefenseFile newsletter is free, published every month. If you know anyone who would benefit from hearing the latest news, application stories and product introductions, covering defense, aerospace and airports, just forward a copy of this email and tell them they can sign up for free here.

Jerry Osborne
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