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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Wide range of defence products to be shown at ADAS 2016 show
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 23 September, 2016
Elbit Systems is travelling to Manila in October to present its range of defence related products from personal equipment to UAV systems
Joint development of autonomous avoidance for UAS
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 08 August, 2016
Unmanned aerial systems will gain a sense and avoid capability under a joint project between Honeywell and Israel Aerospace Industries
Brazilian Air Force orders unmanned drones for World Cup
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 26 March, 2014
The Hermes 900 drone from Elbit Systems will be supplied to the Brazilian Air Force for use in safety and security operations at the FIFA World Cup games being held in the country
Three year market forecast for UAV equipment
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 13 March, 2014
Trends in the market for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) across all sectors are examined out to 2017 in new report
UAV market to reach over 8 billion dollars by 2018
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 03 March, 2014
Report details the overall growth in the worldwide market for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) until 2018
Real-Time operating System selection for UAS
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 28 February, 2014
The AirMule unmanned aerial system is using a real-time operating system and development environment from Green Hills Software
UAV partnership created
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 10 February, 2014
Lockheed Martin has joined with AeroVironment in a partnership for the development of unmanned aircraft systems
European border surveillance research project
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 10 February, 2014
BMT has joined a number of partners in a project on unnatended airborne sensor networks for border surveillance activities in Europe
Hermes Unmanned System success in 2013
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 03 February, 2014
Elbit Systems has reported on the successful deployment globally of its Hermes family of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
AUVSI lobbies FAA on use of small unmanned aircraft
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 29 January, 2014
The Federal Aviation Authority is being encouraged to allow the limited use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) prior to ruling
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market forecast
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 23 January, 2014
The international market for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) equipment until 2016 is examined in a new report
Low cost marketing directory of the UAV industry
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 16 January, 2014
A new edition has been created of the UAV marketing directory with new companies and contacts added for the global industry
Government and Commercial applications for UAS
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 07 January, 2014
Research report examines the future applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) globally in both military and commercial applications
Unmanned aircraft system tests to take place in USA
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 31 December, 2013
The Unmanned Vehicle Systems International group has commented on the FAA's plans for unmanned aircraft system testing in the country
Spanish navy using UAS for surveillance
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 18 November, 2013
Saab's Skeldar unmanned aerial system is being used on a Spanish offshore patrol vessel for performing surveillance duties
Aerostat development contract signed with UK company
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 13 September, 2013
Icarus in the UK has signed a contract with ADASI of the UAE on the development and marketing of Aerostat products
Saab to supply UAS for naval operations
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 12 July, 2013
An order has been received by Saab for its Skeldar Unmanned Aerial System for use in naval operations
Self protection system improves UAV survivability
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 12 June, 2013
Electronic warfare specialists release a self protection system for unmanned aerial vehicles at the Paris air show
Elbit Systems attends Special operations conference
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 13 May, 2013
The American arm of Elbit Systems is demonstrating its equipment for special operations forces at industry conference
AUVSI gives testimony on future of drones
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 21 March, 2013
The President of unmanned aerial vehicle organisation provides testimony in the debate on the future of drones in America
CybAero to supply UAV helicopters for US deployment
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 18 March, 2013
AeroVironment has placed an order on European supplier CybAero for unmanned helicopter systems to meet US UAV demand
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Shipped to the Americas
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 27 February, 2013
A Hermes 900 unmanned aerial vehicle from Elbit Systems has been sent to the Americas extending the company's worldwide UAS shipments
UAV systems recognized for advancing science
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 15 February, 2013
Unmanned aerial vehicles gain recognition in the scientific community for their contribution to public safety and scientific research
IP67 certified altimeters for use on UAV equipment
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 07 February, 2013
Ingress protection certification enables UAV systems to be recovered from sea water without functional loss of the altimeters
UAS equipped with Maritime analytics system
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 05 February, 2013
Developed for use in India, the Hermes 900 UAS variant is equipped with MarInt analytics system to detect unusual maritime behaviour patterns
UAV to be used for Indian Maritime Surveillance
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 01 February, 2013
Elbit System is providing the Hermes 900 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to the Indian Government for maritime patrol and surveillance
Israel orders enhancements to Hermes Unmanned Aerial Systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 28 January, 2013
The inventory of Hermes UAV equipment in Israel will be improved with the order of a number of advanced features and enhancements
Aviation systems on show at Aero India show
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 25 January, 2013
Elbit Systems will be attending Aero India in February with its range of aerospace system including Unmanned Aerial Systems
US Government Committee Formed On UAV Usage
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 02 October, 2012
A Senate Unmanned Aerial Systems Committee has been formed to provide a debating framework for the use and application of UAV technology in America
Police adopt privacy guidelines on use of UAV equipment
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 22 August, 2012
International police force governance body adopts a set of guidelines on how unmanned aerial vehicles can be used by civilian police forces in an ethical way.
Air Force Takes Delivery Of Predator Remote Controlled Aircraft
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 08 March, 2011
The last MQ-1 Predator remote control aircraft from General Atomics has been delivered to the US Air Force
Unmanned Helicopter Makes Demonstration Payload Drops
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 24 February, 2011
The K-MAX helicopter UAS has successfully made payload drops at the Yuma proving grounds from an altitude of 10,000 feet
Predator UAS To be Used In United Arab Emirates
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 23 February, 2011
General Atomics will supply the Government of the United Arab Emirates with an export version of the Predator military Unmanned Aerial System for surveillance operations
Jordanian Armed Forces Take Delivery Of Camcopter S-100
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 21 February, 2011
The Camcopter S-100 Unmanned Aircraft System from Schiebel ordered last July has now been delivered to Jordan for reconnaissance duties
Spanish Military See Camcopter UAS In Action
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 25 November, 2010
Schiebel has been demonstrating the Camcopter S-100 helicopter unmanned aerial vehicle to Spanish military authorities and government representatives
Camcopter UAS Used For Securing G-20 Summit
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 16 November, 2010
The recent summit in Seoul was given additional security with the use of Camcopter S-100 Unmanned Aerial Systems from Schiebel
Unmanned Helicopter Proposal For US Navy Cargo Operations
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 26 October, 2010
The K-MAX helicopter UAS from Lockheed Martin and Kaman Aerospace is being proposed as a means of meeting the US Navy requirements for cargo operations using unmanned aircraft
Global Deployment of High Altitude Reconnaissance UAS
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 22 September, 2010
In conjunction with the US Air Force, Northrop Grumman has deployed the RQ-4 Global Hawk UAS to pacific command of the US Air Force for use in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions in the region
Tactical UAS Cooperation Between Sagem and Elbit Systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 16 September, 2010
Elbit Systems has signed an agreement with Sagem Defense Securite for the French and other markets for tactical unmanned aircraft systems
AeroVironment To Deliver Digital Puma UAS Equipment
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 02 September, 2010
The Department of Defence has ordered Puma all environment unmanned aircraft systems from AeroVironment for surveillance and reconnaissance duties
Improved Nighttime Imagery on NightEagle UAS
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 26 August, 2010
Upgraded Mid-Wave infrared imaging system fitted to the NightEagle unmanned aircraft system from Insitu delivering improved aerial night vision to ground based troops
L-3 Acquires UAS Manufacturer
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 11 August, 2010
Acquisition brings expertise in manufacturing expendable unmanned aircraft systems into L-3 Communications
Could Persistent UAV Equipment Pose A Threat To Satellite Industry
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 05 August, 2010
Market Intel Group has conducted a study into the influence that persistent UAVs will have on future military and commercial satellite networks
Navy Orders Integrator Unmanned Aircraft Systems From Insitu
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 02 August, 2010
Tactical UAS to fulfil part of the US Navy and Marine Corps requirement for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems
Zephyr UAS Breaks Records After A Fortnight In The Sky
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 26 July, 2010
Flying continuously over Arizona for 336 hours and 21 minutes brings the solar powered Zephyr Unmanned Aircraft System from QinetiQ into the record books
Jet Powered UAS Destined For UK Scavenger Program
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 20 July, 2010
General Atomics is continuing development activity on the Predator C Avenger UAS with test program scheduled for meeting expected delivery requirements for both US and UK armed forces programs
Remote UAS Surveillance Image Receiver Successfully Tested
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 09 June, 2010
The man-portable ROVER from Schiebel is designed to enable ground personnel to see enhanced live images from the Camcopter S-100 unmanned aerial system for improved intelligence for field commanders
ScanEagle Achieves Combat Hours Milestone With Canadian Forces
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 04 June, 2010
Canadian military departments have clocked 17,000 combat hours with the ScanEagle Unmanned Aircraft System operating in a wide range of environments on various reconnaissance and surveillance missions
Camcopter VTOL Unmanned Aerial System on Show at Berlin Air Show
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 02 June, 2010
The Camcopter S-100 helicopter drone from Schiebel will gain exposure to a wide audience as it takes flight at Schönefeld airport in Berlin during an air show in June
Ground Tests Completed on Global Observer UAS
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 27 May, 2010
Unmanned surveillance aircraft undergoes ground testing prior to rigorous flight testing schedule
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