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Surveillance, Tracking and RFID
Security management system supports growth at Oslo airport
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 16 October, 2015
Oslo aiport expansion includes the installation of integrated security management platform for improved passenger security and safety
360 degree video imaging for law enforcement
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 09 March, 2015
Arithmetica is attending the Security and Policing event in the UK to demonstrate the latest technology in 360 degree video imaging
Taiwan passenger shuttles improve security
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 02 February, 2015
Passengers gain improved security at Taiwan airport with mobile surveillance system installed in automatic terminal shuttle system
Unauthorised UAVs above French nuclear plants spark critical infrastructure security concerns
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 29 November, 2014
The Spynel, from HGH Infrared Systems, is an innovative sensor with powerful and reliable UAV detection and tracking over an ultra-wide area. Spynel systems have been deployed and proven since 2007, providing persistent wide area surveillance for air, land and maritime targets protecting critical infrastructures (nuclear sites, offshore oil platforms), airports, borders, ports and forward operating bases.
Santo Domingo airports upgrade surveillance systems
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 03 June, 2014
IP video surveillance technology from Vivotek running on Genetec video management system improves security at airports of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic
Security system improvements at Polish port
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 03 June, 2014
The Naftoport oil terminal in Poland has taken situation management software and video analytics from NICE Systems to improve security levels
High resolution IRST to debut at Eurosatory June 2014
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 30 May, 2014
HGH Infrared Systems, a global provider of 360 degree thermal imaging systems, announces the SPYNEL-X, claimed to be the world’s highest definition IRST (infra-red search and track) system. The SPYNEL-X captures in real time, full panoramic images with a resolution of up to 120Mpix.
MiniSWIR high definition camera for military applications
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 06 February, 2014
A compact and rugged high resolution infrared video camera for imaging and surveillance has been introduced by Sensors Unlimited
Front access rear projection video cube
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 16 January, 2014
A new series of rear projection video cubes has been produced by Christie using Entero DLP technology for use in applications where limited space is available
High resolution infrared surveillance system
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 12 September, 2013
Spynel-U HD long-wave infrared camera system from HGH Infrared System provides high resolution imaging for wide area surveillance applications
Tail Mounted Environmental Awareness Cameras To Be Fitted On Eurocopters
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 03 December, 2010
External aerospace cameras from AD Aerospace will provide improved safety to the Eurocopter EC175 medium twin helicopters
Persistent Ground Surveillance For Naval Air Command
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 27 October, 2010
Sarnoff will supply the US Navy with TerraSight ground stations based on a combination of feeds from real-time video and sensor sources
Container Automated Monitoring System Component Proof of Concept
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 05 August, 2010
The US takes another step forward in mandating worldwide inbound container inspections with a proof of concept having taken place for Gatekeeper’s CAMS project
System-On-Chip For Vision Processing
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 08 April, 2010
The Acadia II vision processor from Sarnoff provides low power system control for embedded systems
Automatic Light Level Compensation on SWIR Camera
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 03 March, 2010
SUI Goodrich introduces two SWIR cameras for surveillance operations featuring automatic compensation for lighting, low power consumption and plug-and-play digital video output for ease of use
Persistent Surveillance Software Demonstration at Fort Lauderdale
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 26 February, 2010
Sarnoff to demonstrate the company’s TerraSight surveillance software with wireless real-time 3D views
Ubisense - Korean compliant product and installations in world's hostile environments
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 30 August, 2009
Ubisense announces availability of its award winning solution in Korea and acceptance of the worlds most reliable RTLS System at POSCO's Finex Plant in Pohang, S. Korea
Milestone XProtect used by OnSSI as the recording engine
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 09 July, 2009
The worldwide agreement between On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI) and Milestone Systems, the open platform company within IP video management software, is expanded with the release of OnSSI’s NetEVS solution. One of the recording offerings in the OnSSI Ocularis& Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) product line, NetEVS is using the Milestone XProtect& Corporate video recording engine which handles very large surveillance installations.
Milestone takes openness to the next level with the universal driver
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 26 June, 2009
Even wider choice of network cameras with fast, basic device support in XProtect& open platform IP video management software
Matrox Graphics and Milestone announce enhanced security surveillance solutions
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 19 June, 2009
Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, today announced a partnership with Milestone Systems to provide enhanced surveillance solution performance to the security market.
Norbain announces return to IFSEC
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 09 May, 2009
Norbain has announced today that it will resume its presence at IFSEC by exhibiting in 2010 as part of a long-term deal agreed with the event’s organisers, UBM Live.
Barix IP control solutions srovide bridge to milestone IP video management software
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 12 March, 2009
Barix latest technology partner to join Milestone Systems MAP program
Magal - Order to protect US border crossing
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 23 January, 2009
Magal Security Systems, Ltd. has received, through its U.S.-based subsidiary, an order of approximately $1 million to supply a security and protection system for a major United States international border crossing. The order is expected to be delivered during 2009.
Milestone Partner Program Expands for New Levels of Distinction that Help Build the Future.
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 12 January, 2009
Milestone Systems, the open platform company within IP video management software, strategically builds new facets into its global business model that support and strengthen partners for ultimate customer satisfaction.
FLIR Systems Announces $12.8 Million Order From the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 11 January, 2009
FLIR Systems, Inc. has received a $12.8 million order from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its advanced RECON III hand-held infrared camera system. The units delivered under this competitive award will be used for long-range surveillance and security missions.
Milestone Rated Number One Again for IP Video Surveillance Software
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 06 December, 2008
Milestone Systems has been recognized again as the global market leader for IP video surveillance software.
Video Surveillance System Controlling 64 Cameras
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 25 November, 2008
Milestone Systems has announced the release of XProtect Professional version 6.5, a single-server video surveillance system controlling up to 64 cameras per server, for midsized installations.
MATE Intelligent Video Announced Milestone Solution Partnership
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 01 October, 2008
Integrated offering is a comprehensive security analytics solution
CNL Upgrades Partnership and Integrates IPSecurityCenter with Milestone XProtect
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 30 September, 2008
CNL, a leading developer of Integrated Security Management Software for control centres, has signed a Milestone Solutions Partner agreement with Milestone Systems, a global leader in open platform IP video surveillance management software.
IR Revolution 360 real-time thermal imaging surveillance camera
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 08 September, 2008
HGH Infrared Systems, manufacturers of a variety of thermal and infrared imaging products and systems, will be launching their new IR Revolution 360 at ASIS International in Atlanta, GA, September 15-17, 2008.
Port Installs Video Surveillance Software
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 12 August, 2008
The Italian port of San Giorgio di Nogaro has installed IP video surveillance management software from Milestone Systems with License Plate Recognition to help manage busy shipping and transit traffic, security of goods, and people safety. The system is scalable for expansions in the three-port area, with an open platform for best-of-breed hardware support with flexible central and remote operations.
HGH Infrared Systems Introduces a 3 Million Pixel 20-degree FOV, IR Panoramic Camera
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 07 August, 2008
HGH Infrared Systems, manufacturers of advanced infrared cameras and a variety of thermal imaging products and systems, introduces the new IR Revolution 360, a 20° vertical, 360° horizontal field of view (FOV) panoramic infrared vision system for security and surveillance.
Magal Security Systems - Municipal security system order fro Asian city
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 27 July, 2008
Magal Security Systems, Ltd. has announced today that it has received an order for the installation of a municipal security command and control system in a capital city in Asia, based on its FORTIS System.
Milestone Systems - XProtect Protect Analytics support for XProtect Professional.
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 18 June, 2008
It is with great pleasure that Milestone Systems as of June 17th 2008 announces that XProtect Protect Analytics – LPR 1.5 now includes support for XProtect Professional.
New Surveillance System Software now Avaliable
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 17 June, 2008
Milestone Systems, has released a new version of its Software Development Kit, or SDK. The SDK provides rich and robust tools for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used by consultants and systems integrators to create network-based surveillance solutions that are inter-operable with other systems and devices. Examples of these include Milestone IP video integration with analytics, access control, Point-of-Sale, people counting, HVAC building management, lighting, fire alarms, baggage handling, fencing, gates, barriers, and much more.
FLIR CVS - Thermal Imaging
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 17 June, 2008
Thermal imaging finds its way to The London Eye
Savi to Provide Radio Frequency Identification Solution to Polish Ministry
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 29 May, 2008
To support NATO peace keeping objectives in Afghanistan and elsewhere, the Polish Ministry of Defense (PMD) is deploying a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based solution provided by Savi, a Lockheed Martin company, to automate tracking and management of military supplies. This marks the second largest NATO-related installation of Savi's RFID networked solution and the eighth separate defense force deployment of it worldwide.
Milestone releases XProtect? Corporate 2.0
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 14 May, 2008
Milestone Systems has announced the version 2.0 release of XProtect Corporate. Designed for large-scale applications, it supports unlimited numbers of cameras, servers and users, with central control and intuitive access clients that make big installations very easy to manage.
Milestone - H.264 compression with Sony cameras.
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 11 May, 2008
H.264 is the newest standard in uncompromised surveillance data compression and it is supported in Sony network cameras by Milestone Systems, a leading developer of XProtect& open platform IP video management software. This will be demonstrated at the IFSEC security industry show in the UK next week.
SRA Acquire Surveillance Company
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 07 May, 2008
SRA International, has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Era Corporation, a privately held provider of advanced surveillance technologies for the air traffic management, airport operations, military and security markets.
GPS tracker from Keytracker
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 10 April, 2008
The Smart GPS is a new generation low cost 'matchbox' sized tracking solution with ultra sensitive GPS that is designed to work with your mobile phone. The smart track is a GPS/GSM tracking device that offers superb value for money. This means you track the device from your mobile phone instead of having to go to a PC.
DRS - Contract to Deliver Border Security System to Jordan
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 06 April, 2008
DRS Technologies, Inc. has announced that it received an order from the U.S. Army's Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM), Fort Monmouth, N.J., for the initial phase of the Jordan Border Security Program. In conjunction with the U.S. Army, DRS will provide the Jordan Armed Forces with an end-to-end border security system for a section of Jordan's border.
Computer Controlled Pan-Tilt Units
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 21 March, 2008
Directed Perception, has announced the availability of its PTU-D100 family of computer controlled pan-tilt units. The PTU-D100 is a low-cost, mid-range intelligent pan-tilt suitable for fixed and mobile applications in military and industrial markets.
SureTrak surveillance system
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 19 March, 2008
Computer Sciences Corporation has won a contract to expand the scope of its SureTrak surveillance system for the Naval Air Systems Command, located in Lexington Park, Md. CSC estimates the value of the five-year contract to be approximately $45 million. This award follows and is incremental to a contract CSC signed with the command in May 2006
FLIR Systems - Thermal Imaging for Airport Security
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 31 August, 2007
The recent terrorist events at Glasgow Airport and in London, once again emphasize the need for constant vigilance and for our law enforcement and security teams to be equipped with the latest tools and technology. Thermal imaging is one such method that is increasingly being employed to protect lives as well as assets.
Keytracker - ULTIMA - at DSEi 2007
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 31 August, 2007
The latest innovation from key security specialists Keytracker is ULTIMA, the ultimate electronic key management system. It really is the ultimate in key control combining advanced biometric security technology with comprehensive embedded key management software, a built-in web server, email alerts and SIM card software – all designed to allow you to monitor and control key access remotely.
Milestone Systems and Pelco Collaboration
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 13 April, 2007
Milestone XProtect IP video management platform support Pelco's new IP based cameras
QinetiQ - Teams Up With Crown For RFID
Surveillance, Tracking and RFID : 06 December, 2006
Crown teams up with QinetiQ to resolve challenges of RFID on metal packaging
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