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Space research and development
Nano-Satellite research project extended
Space research and development : 25 March, 2014
A contract with the UK's MoD for research into nano-satellites has been extended with continued involvement of Chemring Technology
Swedish spaceport gains travel industry awards
Space research and development : 17 February, 2014
Spaceport Sweden has received industry recognition for pioneering approach to the space tourism industry
Northern Lights flights a stepping stone to space tourism
Space research and development : 26 March, 2013
A Swedish spaceport is collaborating with Space Expedition Corporation to offer space tourism flight to experience the northern lights
Virtual Mission Operations Centre Completed
Space research and development : 02 September, 2010
The NRL is now providing virtual mission operations centre control for operators of commercial or military satellites
2011 Space Budget Support Welcomed By Lockheed Martin
Space research and development : 02 August, 2010
News of support for NASA budget for the Orion manned space exploration vehicle by the US Government is a welcomed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems who sees the move as essential for continued US dominance in manned space flights
Innovative Space Docking Navigation System Demonstrated
Space research and development : 27 July, 2010
International Space Station docking manoeuvres can be made more safely and accurately in both manned and unmanned operations after demonstration performed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems and its partners
Laser Micromachining Techniques Developed at the NRL
Space research and development : 05 July, 2010
High energy radiation detectors for use in space research will be manufactured using laser machining technology developed at the Naval Research Laboratory
Lowest Densities Recorded In Earth?s Upper Atmosphere
Space research and development : 25 June, 2010
Upper atmosphere air density changes affects drag co-efficient for orbiting satellites
Space Achievement Award For NRL Research Team
Space research and development : 03 June, 2010
Experimental Payload design team from the Naval Research Laboratory gain recognition with space achievement award from the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation
SpaceLoft XL Launch Demonstrates Rapid Payload Build Effectiveness
Space research and development : 31 May, 2010
ORS Payload on SpaceLoft XL demonstrated the ability of those working on ORS projects to develop build and test successful payloads with short lead times
Heliophysics Events Knowledgebase Designed to Assist Solar Observation Analysis
Space research and development : 28 May, 2010
Lockheed Martin Space Systems is contributing to NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory analysis by providing the means of mining complex data and examining meta-data for significant findings
Commercial Spaceflight Federation Gains SwRI as a Member
Space research and development : 05 May, 2010
SwRI Commits to the development of research and experiments in space using next-generation suborbital vehicles
NRL Scientists Closer To Understanding Formation of Elliptical Galaxies
Space research and development : 21 April, 2010
A breakthrough a the Naval Research Laboratory has enabled closer study of the mass of merging spiral galaxies
Successful Suborbital Researchers Conference for SwRI
Space research and development : 23 February, 2010
Researchers, vehicle providers and funding agency representatives joined for the next generation suborbital researchers conference with over 250 attendees
SwRI Funding Payload Experiments on Suborbital Vehicles
Space research and development : 22 February, 2010
Microgravity and space astronomy experiments planned to be carried out by payload specialists at the Southwest Research Institute on future suborbital vehicle flights
Stardust-NexT Spacecraft Manoeuvres in Preparation for 2011 Contact with Tempel 1 Comet
Space research and development : 19 February, 2010
After 4000 days of flight, Lockheed Martin-built Stardust robust spacecraft still on target for its next mission objective of encountering Tempel 1 comet on Saint Valentine’s day in 2011
Lockheed Martin Instrumentation takes off aboard Atlas V Rocket
Space research and development : 12 February, 2010
The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly including sensors built at Lockheed Martin Space Systems will examine the solar corona on a mission launched on Thursday
GEM Thin Film Technology Research Grant Awarded By NASA
Space research and development : 11 February, 2010
Arradiance has received an SBIR Grant from NASA for the development of sensor and imaging detectors for improved space imaging applications
Orion Cancellation Proposal Condemned by Lockheed Martin
Space research and development : 04 February, 2010
NASA Proposed Budget Cuts involving the Cancellation of Project Orion wastes significant investment already made and leaves gap in space program after the shuttle
Microfluid research work for space based biology experiments
Space research and development : 27 January, 2010
Raydiance is working with the Ames Research Centre to develop Microfluidics technology based on Smart Light Ultrafast laser for use on the International Space Station for research into Biology
Operational Capability for Space Vehicle Integration Laboratory
Space research and development : 26 January, 2010
Plug and Play Architecture comes alive in the Space Industry with the achievement of operational capability of Lockheed Martin’s SVIL facility
DARPA engages Orbital Sciences on the System F6 satellite project
Space research and development : 21 December, 2009
Contract for the development of Fractionated Spacecraft Architecture to be used on the System F6 spacecraft goes to Orbital Sciences
LDCM spacecraft passes NASA design review
Space research and development : 09 December, 2009
Design review conducted by General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems for the Landsat Data Coninuity Mission spacecraft which is due to launch at the end of 2012
ISS Astronauts undergo Dragon training at Spacex HQ
Space research and development : 07 December, 2009
A group of NASA astronauts have visited SpaceX headquarters for training on rendezvous and berthing procedures for the Dragon Spacecraft in preparation for ISS mission
Ontario invests in micro-satellite technology
Space research and development : 30 November, 2009
Com Dev to benefit from part of Southern Ontario’s investment plans to develop micro-satellite systems technology in the region
The AIA lobbies US Government on space program funding
Space research and development : 23 November, 2009
The Vice President of the Aerospace Industries Association has made testimony to the Space and Aeronautics subcommittee calling for additional funding to bolster the US space program
AIA - Satellite export control rules are damaging space industrial base
Space research and development : 04 April, 2009
Satellite export control rules are hampering U.S. national security and economic interests, and must be updated to protect the U.S. space industrial base, AIA President and CEO Marion Blakey said Thursday in written testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade Subcommittee.
New Pulse Line for Satellite Assembly
Space research and development : 12 August, 2008
Boeing has announced that it is ready to use a new 'pulse line' process for assembling satellites in El Segundo, Calif. The new process is expected to shorten the time needed to build a space vehicle.
Iridium - Lockheed Martin and Thales Alenia Space to participate for next satellite
Space research and development : 05 August, 2008
Iridium Satellite LLC today announced it has selected two companies – Lockheed Martin and Thales Alenia Space – to participate in the final phase of its procurement process for the company’s next-generation satellite constellation, "Iridium NEXT.’
Boeing Team to Design New Spacecraft Power Generation System for DARPA
Space research and development : 01 August, 2008
A team led by Boeing [NYSE: BA] Advanced Systems has been awarded a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract for the first phase of the Fast Access Spacecraft Testbed (FAST) program.
QinetiQ delivers successful first test of penetrator for future planetary research
Space research and development : 07 June, 2008
Defence technology holds the key to alternative to manned space-flight
Tense moments as spacecraft docks with space station
Space research and development : 11 April, 2008
There will be some stressful moments ahead for the NLR operators at the Erasmus USOC in Noordwijk: on Thursday, 3 April, for the first time ever, a European supply spacecraft will automatically dock with the International Space Station.
Iridium - Next concept developmental phase
Space research and development : 22 March, 2008
Iridium® Satellite has announced it has reached agreement with three companies to enter into the concept development phase in its design and development procurement process for 'NEXT,' the company's next-generation satellite constellation.
Lockheed Martin - Contract from DARPA for space technology
Space research and development : 09 March, 2008
A team headed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (LMSSC) has received a $5.7 million contract from DARPA to compete in Phase 1 development of their System F6 space technology and demonstration program. F6 is shorthand for 'Future, Fast, Flexible, Fractionated, Free-Flying Spacecraft United by Information Exchange'.
NASA Updates Aeronautics Research
Space research and development : 31 May, 2007
NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate has amended its NASA Research Announcement to seek additional research topics. NASA is soliciting research in several new topic areas for the Airspace Systems Program's Next Generation Air Transportation System Airportal Project and the Fundamental Aeronautics Program's Supersonics Project.
NASA - Back to the Future!
Space research and development : 11 May, 2007
NASA - Aircraft Aging and Durability Project
Space research and development : 08 May, 2007
NASA has amended its 'Research Opportunities in Aeronautics' announcement to solicit research in several new topic areas in the Aviation Safety Program's Aircraft Aging and Durability Project. This research will enhance the safety of the nation's air transportation system by taking a proactive approach to address safety challenges of new and legacy vehicles.
NASA's Centennial Challenge To Excavate Moon Dirt
Space research and development : 07 May, 2007
On Saturday, May 12, teams from around the nation will compete for a total of $250,000 from NASA for an autonomously operating system to excavate simulated 'lunar regolith,' or the moon's soil. The Regolith Excavation Challenge, one of NASA's seven Centennial Challenges, will take place at the Santa Maria Fairpark, Santa Maria, Calif. The competition on May 12 from 7a.m. to 5 p.m. PDT is free and open to media and the public.
NASA - Peter Homer Wins Challenge For Improved Gloves
Space research and development : 03 May, 2007
On Thursday, May 3, Peter Homer of Southwest Harbor, Maine, won $200,000 from NASA for his entry in the Astronaut Glove Challenge. The competition was one of NASA's seven Centennial Challenges and took place May 2-3 at the New England Air Museum at Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, Conn.
NASA- Stephen Hawking's Zero Gravity Flight
Space research and development : 28 April, 2007
The following is a statement from Alan Stern, NASA associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at Headquarters in Washington, regarding renowned physicist Stephen Hawking's flight aboard Zero Gravity Corporation's Boeing 727.
NASA - AIM Mission News
Space research and development : 25 April, 2007
NASA - Boeing Awarded California Aircraft Support Contract
Space research and development : 23 April, 2007
NASA has awarded a contract to The Boeing Company, St. Louis, for engineering and technical support of several specialized research aircraft at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center.
NASA - Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle Contract News
Space research and development : 20 April, 2007
Flying Wing Model Soars In Historic Wind Tunnel
Space research and development : 19 April, 2007
Ask anyone what an airplane looks like and most will tell you a tube with wings. NASA researchers are trying to expand that image. They're testing a design for a flying wing, called a blended wing body.
Quiet Skies Flight Tests
Space research and development : 19 April, 2007
According to recent flight tests involving NASA and corporate industry, new technologies can help silence jet aircraft, both in the passenger cabin and on the ground. The three-week flight test program, called the Quiet Technology Demonstrator 2, confirmed the effectiveness of a number of significant airplane noise reduction concepts.
Wind Tunnels to Design New Airplanes
Space research and development : 19 April, 2007
NASA-developed wind tunnel technology is being used by the aviation industry to perfect new airplane designs throughout the entire development process.
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