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Photodetector for measuring ultraviolet light
Optics : 14 October, 2016
Low noise extreme UV photodetector for measuring ultraviolet light and power monitoring of Extreme UV lasers
High speed camera speeds up production processing
Optics : 08 August, 2016
Photron has released the PhotoCam SpeederV2 for high speed imaging for use in production line environments
Near-eye display application partnership
Optics : 08 June, 2015
Microoled and Astute Electronics have signed an agreement regarding the distribution of Near-Eye Display devices for medical applications and head-up displays
Precision scribing and cutting for coated optics
Optics : 02 March, 2015
Precision Glass and Optics is now offering a high volume service for the precision cutting and scribing of either plain or coated optics
Submicron position resolution sensor released
Optics : 25 February, 2014
New sensor from Opto Diode provides stable response after ultraviolet radiation exposure
Gold optical coatings for military applications
Optics : 29 January, 2014
A new deposition coating for large format substrates has been developed for optical applications in military airborne imaging systems
Precision coatings for industrial optics
Optics : 14 January, 2014
A new range of precision optical thin film coatings for use in industrial applications has been developed by Precision Glass and Optics
Optical coatings for large telescope
Optics : 09 January, 2014
Applied Optics Center has completed the coating process for the optical elements in a 27-inch diameter telescope
On-demand optical fabrication services for military requirements
Optics : 03 December, 2013
Military and aviation companies can obtain optical fabrication services on demand from Precision Glass and Optics
Ultra-small 2.1 megapixel HD video camera
Optics : 28 October, 2013
Camera from Toshiba Imaging Systems uses 3-chip CMOS HD module with precise colour control and advanced noise reduction
Compact high speed colour camera
Optics : 24 October, 2013
The Photron Fastcam mini camera is a one piece colour camera designed for high speed imaging applications
National Physical Laboratory takes ultra high speed camera
Optics : 10 October, 2013
A SIM-D framing camera with image capture speeds of a billion frames per second has beed delivered to the UK's National Physical Laboratory
IR illuminator for night vision applications
Optics : 22 August, 2013
Opto Diode releases gallium aluminium arsenide IR illuminator for high powered optical output for night vision systems
20-element sensitive photodiode
Optics : 12 July, 2013
22-pin unit added to AXUV multi-element photodiode range from Opto Diode for Bolometry and Electron Detection
High speed digital framing cameras
Optics : 01 July, 2013
On-line catalogue available for high speed digital framing cameras for use in defence research applications
High repetition rate UV laser
Optics : 14 May, 2013
Newport's Quasar 355-45 is a >45W high repetition rate UV laser for high speed precision manufacturing
Compact lasers for Bioinstrumentation
Optics : 01 May, 2013
Fourteen wavelengths are now available in the Excelsior One compact laser system for bioinstrumentation
Photolithography facility for 200mm wafers
Optics : 08 March, 2013
Deposition Sciences can now create patterns for 200mm wafers in a new facility with improved resolution and capacity
Beam Viewer For Observing Properties of UV Laser
Optics : 27 February, 2013
Newport has developed an Ultraviolet beam viewer enabling UV laser beam characteristics to be observed clearly
Thin film coating on complex shapes and fibres
Optics : 05 February, 2013
Optical coating specialist develops low pressure chemical vapour deposition process for coating complex geometries including fibres
Deep UV mirror for excimer lasers
Optics : 01 February, 2013
A new set of long lived deep ultraviolet mirrors for excimer lasers has been produced to meet extremely high laser damage resistance specifications
Scientific laser unveiled at SPIE Photonics West
Optics : 30 January, 2013
Newport is attending SPIE Photonics West 2013 next week to reveal its new high power ultrafast tunable laser system
Cost effective fibre optic detectors
Optics : 25 January, 2013
A range of four photodiode based fibre optic detectors has been released by Newport Corporation
Linescan camera for optical coherence tomography
Optics : 24 January, 2013
A new GaAs shortware infrared camera has been developed for Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography applications
DAQ modules synchronized to slow motion camera
Optics : 16 January, 2013
Fastcam viewer plug-in synchronizes slow motion camera systems from Photron with data acquisition modules from National Instruments
Multi-Head Camera System For Ballistics Studies
Optics : 03 October, 2012
Specialized Imaging has demonstrated a multiple head camera system for use in researching the ballistics of projectiles
Custom lens design to feature at Vision 2012
Optics : 12 September, 2012
Machine vision experts will be able to consult with experts from Resolve Optics on the subject of custom lens design at the Vision 2012 event taking place in Stuttgart in November
Large Aperture Achromatic Quartz Wave Plates
Optics : 06 September, 2012
Newport meets the need for fast laser amplifiers with higher power with the introduction of a family of large diameter achromatic zero-order quartz and magnesium fluoride wave plates
Discuss Machine Vision Lens Design At VISION 2012
Optics : 06 September, 2012
Specialists from Resolve Optics will be available at VISION 2012 next month in Stuttgart to discuss custom lens design for machine vision applications
Fast Focus On-Axis Parabolic Mirrors
Optics : 07 December, 2010
Optical Surfaces adds on-axis mirrors up to 800mm diameter to its list of specialised lens available to the defence industry
Large Format Camera Lenses With Resistance To Radiation Exposure
Optics : 26 November, 2010
A new non-browning lens from Resolve Optics has been developed for use with large format cameras for use in environments at risk of radiation exposure
Narrow Bandpass Optical Filters Available For Infrared Use
Optics : 17 November, 2010
High spectral performance characterises the latest IR narrow bandpass filters available for industrial and scientific use from Deposition Sciences
Spherical Convex Mirror For Scientific Research Applications
Optics : 16 November, 2010
Diamond Light Source is taking a high precision mirror from Optical Surfaces for use in the UK’s Diamond Synchrotron Diagnostics project
Demand Increases For Specialised Lenses For SWIR Systems
Optics : 01 November, 2010
Resolve Optics is increasing supplies of Short Wave Infrared camera lenses as demand for the technology increases
Durable Coated Laser Mirrors
Optics : 29 October, 2010
Optical Surfaces is producing custom mirrors for laser applications of up to 600mm diameter with durable surface coating
Specialist Lens Manufacturer Revamps Website
Optics : 15 September, 2010
Engineers specifying optical equipment now have an additional resource with the re-launched Resolve Optics website offering details lens specifications
Interim Chairman Gives Way To New CEO At Qioptiq
Optics : 02 August, 2010
Management changes have taken place at Qioptiq as the Defense and Aerospace Divisional head is appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer
Custom Designed Lenses For Radiation Resistant Applications
Optics : 21 July, 2010
Resolve Optics is applying its skills for the development of Non Browning Lenses for use in high radiation level environments
Beam Expander Ordered For Laser Communication Terminal Test Equipment
Optics : 21 July, 2010
Tesat-Spacecom has ordered a thermally stabilised beam expander from Optical Surfaces for use on an optical test bed for Laser Communication Terminals
Custom Optics Manufacturer Acquired By Teledyne
Optics : 09 June, 2010
Teledyne subsidiary purchases Optimum Optical Systems bring key skills and technology for defence imaging applications using infrared technology to the company’s portfolio
High Performance Infrared Lenses
Optics : 27 May, 2010
IR Lens manufacturer has broad understanding of applications in the defence, security and imaging sectors to custom make high quality lenses
Fibre Optic Signal Management Demonstration At Defence Event
Optics : 26 May, 2010
Glimmerglass is exhibiting at the DoDIIS 2010 event in Arizona with optical signal management solutions for the defence industry
Four Magnifications Available on Laser Beam Expanders
Optics : 25 May, 2010
High accuracy laser beam shaping available for distant object alignment or expansion of collimation range using the Laser Beam Expander range from Optical Surfaces
MD Appointed at Leicester Facility
Optics : 24 May, 2010
Production facility for the manufacture of IR optical components for CVI Melles Griot gains new Managing Director
Ultra High Precision Optics For Stellar Observation Project
Optics : 11 May, 2010
The Niels Bohr Institute has order Contra-Rotating doublet prisms from Optical Surfaces for the SONG Project of stellar observation
Rugged F-Mount Periscope for Ballistic Range Camera
Optics : 21 April, 2010
Specialised Imaging has taken a special F-Mount Periscope from Resolve Optics for use in the SIR3 high-speed Ballistic Range Camera
CMOS IR Filter Effectively Blocks Infrared Light
Optics : 07 April, 2010
Low visible light loss filter provided by thin film optical coating from Deposition Sciences for providing IR filter block for CMOS sensors
Precision Optical Systems for the Defence Industry
Optics : 08 March, 2010
Plano optical components are available for military applications from Precision Glass and Optics including prisms, beam splitters and other optical components
LWIR Bandpass Filters For FLIR Optics
Optics : 04 March, 2010
Deposition Sciences is providing highly durable long wave infrared bandpass filters using thin film vapour deposition processes for high durability operations in imaging sensors
Motorised 6x Zoom Lens With Radiation Resistance
Optics : 19 February, 2010
The Non Browning Model 290 Zoom Lens from Resolve Optics enables inspection, surveillance or machine vision activities to take place in areas of high levels of radiation without negative influence on the image quality
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