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Launchers and Boosters
ILS Proton launcher takes off from Baikonur
Launchers and Boosters : 19 February, 2014
A successful launch has taken place of a communication satellite from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan using the Proton Breeze M launch vehicle
Cygnus cargo spacecraft berths at the ISS
Launchers and Boosters : 14 January, 2014
A rendezvous with the International Space Station has been successfully completed by the Cygnus cargo logistics spacecraft
Czech Space Office becomes XCOR payload integrator
Launchers and Boosters : 25 November, 2013
XCOR has signed an agreement for the Czech Space Office to become one of its authorized suborbital payload integrators
XCOR offers reductions on payload pricing
Launchers and Boosters : 23 May, 2013
Attendees of the NG Suborbital Researchers Conference can obtain privileged pricing on payload transportation booked with XCOR Aerospace
XCOR Comments on Virgin Galactic flight
Launchers and Boosters : 30 April, 2013
Re-usable space transport company congratulates Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites on their inaugural flight of SS2
Environmental Testing Begins On Juno Spacecraft
Launchers and Boosters : 08 March, 2011
NASA Jupiter orbiter is undergoing trials in Denver for acoustic and environmental testing to simulate launch conditions
Global Partnership Network Established For Payload Integrators
Launchers and Boosters : 01 March, 2011
XCOR has created an international team of suborbital payload integration experts at the Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference in Florida
ATK Solid Rocket Booster Launch Discovery On 11-Day Mission
Launchers and Boosters : 28 February, 2011
The Space Shuttle Discovery took off on an 11-Day ISS mission last week with the help of solid rocket boosters supplied by ATK
Suborbital Flights Commissioned For Commercial Experiments
Launchers and Boosters : 25 February, 2011
Commercial Research Institute has Booked Six Flights aboard XCOR's Lynx Suborbital vehicle to conduct SwRI experiments
KLM Commits To Suborbital Passenger Flights
Launchers and Boosters : 19 November, 2010
Relationship between KLM and SXC to involve the use of XCOR Lynx spacecraft for suborbital flights in the future between Europe and the Antilles
Suborbital Spacecraft Undergoes Wind Tunnel Testing
Launchers and Boosters : 21 September, 2010
NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre was the venue for recent wind tunnel testing of XCOR’s Lynx suborbital spacecraft
Largest Ever Human Rated Solid Rocket Motor Successfully Tested
Launchers and Boosters : 01 September, 2010
Five Segment Ares Development Rocket Motor undergoes successful testing at extremes by ATK and NASA in preparation for manned low earth orbit mission
NASA Safety Review Pass For The Orion Exploration Vehicle
Launchers and Boosters : 07 July, 2010
Lockheed Martin Space Systems has passed Human Rating Requirements review from NASA on the Orion crew exploration vehicle for human space flight
NASA Satellites To Be Launched Aboard Orbital Sciences Rockets
Launchers and Boosters : 05 July, 2010
Pegasus and Taurus small rockets from Orbital Sciences selected by NASA to launch IRIS and OCO-2 satellites into orbit
Falcon 9 Rocket Achieves Orbit for SpaceX
Launchers and Boosters : 09 June, 2010
Plans for NASA to utilise commercial launchers for astronaut transport have take a step closer to fruition with the successful launch of the Falcon 9 rocket which has achieved its targeted 250km circular orbit
Orbital Test Flies New Two-Stage Booster For Missile Defense Agency
Launchers and Boosters : 09 June, 2010
Booster verification flight testing has been completed at Vandenberg Air Force Base for the two-stage version of Orbital Sciences’ Orbital Boost Vehicle which will be used on the ground based mid-course defence system
Arabsat Communication Satellite Successfully Launches From Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan
Launchers and Boosters : 07 June, 2010
An ILS Proton launch vehicle has taken a BADR-5 satellite for Arabsat into geosynchronous transfer orbit in a 9 hour, 13 minute mission starting from Baikonur
ILS To Launch Gazprom Commercial Satellites
Launchers and Boosters : 31 May, 2010
Gazprom Space Systems of Russia has chosen to use the ILS Proton launcher for the delivery of three satellites into orbit for commercial communication purposes before 2013
Organisational Re-alignment Takes Place At Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Launchers and Boosters : 21 May, 2010
Commercial and Government clients of Lockheed Martin Space Systems to benefit from improved efficiencies in the company resulting from organisational restructuring
Minotaur IV Rocket Successfully Launched For US Air Force
Launchers and Boosters : 29 April, 2010
Orbital Sciences’ rocket based on the Peacekeeper rocket motor takes its inaugural flight following suborbital launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base
ATK and Lockheed Martin Enter Alliance on Affordable Launch Rockets
Launchers and Boosters : 26 March, 2010
Modernised Athena rockets to be offered as part of joint launch services from Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Alliant Techsystems for servicing a critical niche in space markets
EchoStar XIV Leaves Baikonur Abord ILS Proton Breeze M in Successful Launch
Launchers and Boosters : 23 March, 2010
Pay-TV satellite successfully launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in central Kazakhstan using a Proton Breeze M launch rocket from International Launch Services
Nimiq 6 To Launch on ILS Proton Vehicle in 2012
Launchers and Boosters : 19 March, 2010
Commercial satellite from Telesat scheduled to launch in 2012 aboard Khrunichev built heavy lift Proton launch vehicle from International Launch Services
Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle to Transport SS/L Satellite into Orbit
Launchers and Boosters : 17 March, 2010
Space Systems/Loral has booked passage for a commercial satellite into orbit aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 vehicle for 2012 to depart from Cape Canaveral
ATK Re-structures to Maintain Alignment With Market Sectors
Launchers and Boosters : 15 March, 2010
Business Units at ATK undergo re-alignment with some change in leadership to meet the long term growth prospects of the company
Aerospace Veteran Joins ATK Board of Directors
Launchers and Boosters : 02 March, 2010
Alliant Techsystems welcomes experienced business leader as an independent director on the company’s board
ILS Proton Launcher Successfully Lifts Intelsat 16 Satellite
Launchers and Boosters : 15 February, 2010
A Khrunichev Built launch vehicle has successfully lifted an Intelsat 16 satellite from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan
ILS and Khrunichev to launch Kazsat-2 in 2011 with SES-3
Launchers and Boosters : 15 February, 2010
The joint launch of the SES-3 Satellite with Kazakhstan’s next telecommunications satellite, Kazsat-2, will take place in 2011 using the Khrunichev heavy lift Proton launcher
Lynx Subortibal vehicle chosen for Korean space centre
Launchers and Boosters : 18 December, 2009
The Mark II Lynx from XCOR Aerospace is intended to be wet-leased to the South Korean Yecheon Astro Space Centre after US Government export approvals have been issued
Intelsat launch using Atlas V booster
Launchers and Boosters : 24 November, 2009
Cape Canaveral has witnessed the successful launch of an Intelsat payload on board a United Launch Alliance Atlas V booster
XCOR Aerospace tests Lynx aerodynamic design in USAF wind tunnel
Launchers and Boosters : 24 July, 2009
XCOR Aerospace, Inc., announced today that it has finished a series of wind tunnel tests of the aerodynamic design of its Lynx suborbital launch vehicle. The tests took place at the U.S. Air Force test facility located at Wright-Patterson Air Base near Dayton, OH, using an all-metal 1/16th scale model of the Lynx.
XCOR Aerospace - Lynx first test fire of rocket engine
Launchers and Boosters : 27 December, 2008
XCOR Aerospace, Inc. has successfully completed its first test fire of the rocket engine that will be used to power its Lynx suborbital launch vehicle to the edge of space.
XCOR - Latest newsnew on space travel costings
Launchers and Boosters : 26 November, 2008
In a display of the power of competition, American entrepreneurs have broken the government monopoly on space travel, and succeeded in lowering the cost of space access before a single paying participant has taken a flight.
XCOR - Nelson as Chief Operating Officer
Launchers and Boosters : 10 September, 2008
Company focused on safe, reliable and reusable rocket technology
Desert Sky Holdings Makes First Institutional Investment in XCOR
Launchers and Boosters : 20 August, 2008
Cautious Investors Increasingly See Future Profits in Space
XCOR - Lynx suborbital spaceship
Launchers and Boosters : 31 March, 2008
A small California aerospace company today unveiled a new suborbital spaceship that will provide affordable front- seat rides to the edge of space for the millions of people who want to buy a ticket.
Boeing Orbital Express Achieves Another First in Space
Launchers and Boosters : 22 June, 2007
The Boeing Company has announced that the Orbital Express system, a program to validate spacecraft servicing capability led by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has performed a fully-autonomous 'fly-around and capture' of its NextSat client spacecraft, marking another industry first for the innovative program.
ATK - Team Ares News
Launchers and Boosters : 13 June, 2007
Team Ares Reaches Key Milestones on Ares I Upper Stage Risk Reduction Efforts
Boeing - Launch of Italian COSMO Satellites
Launchers and Boosters : 08 June, 2007
The Boeing Company, through its commercial launch business, successfully launched the first of four Italian Constellation of Small Satellites for Mediterranean basin Observation (COSMO) SkyMed spacecraft June 7 aboard a Delta II rocket.
Boeing - X-51A Engine Test
Launchers and Boosters : 01 June, 2007
Successful Design Review and Engine Test Bring Boeing X-51A Closer to Flight
NASA TV To Braodcast Cargo Ship Arrival To Space Station
Launchers and Boosters : 13 May, 2007
A cargo ship with more than two tons of supplies for the International Space Station will launch Friday night from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Expedition 15 Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and flight engineers Oleg Kotov and Suni Williams will receive the shipment of food, fuel and supplies on Tuesday, May 15.
ATK - Pegasus Rocket Success Carrying NASA's AIM Satellite
Launchers and Boosters : 25 April, 2007
ATK Supports Successful Launch of Pegasus Rocket Carrying NASA's AIM Satellite
NASA - International Space Station Status Report SS07-22
Launchers and Boosters : 21 April, 2007
The 14th crew of the International Space Station, Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria and Flight Engineer Mikhail Tyurin, along with spaceflight participant Charles Simonyi landed their Soyuz spacecraft in the steppes of Kazakhstan at 7:31 a.m CDT Saturday.
NASA - International Space Station Staus Report SS07-21
Launchers and Boosters : 20 April, 2007
NASA Buys Abort Test Boosters for Orion Flight Tests
Launchers and Boosters : 19 April, 2007
NASA has entered into an agreement with the U.S. Air Force to support abort flight test requirements for the Orion Project. The Air Force has contracted with Orbital Sciences Corp. of Chandler, Ariz., to provide launch services for the flight tests.
General Dynamics Hydra-70 Rocket Production
Launchers and Boosters : 13 April, 2007
General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, a business unit of General Dynamics, has received two orders totaling $149 million for the production of 2.75-inch Hydra-70 rockets. The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal, Ala., ordered the rockets as part of a five-year requirements contract signed on April 28, 2005, which has a potential value of $900 million. Orders to date under this contract total $502 million.
ATK - Progress On Ares Crew Launch Vehicle
Launchers and Boosters : 02 April, 2007
ATK Highlights Progress on Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle Project on Track for Ground Tests and Development Flights
ATK - Space Products Latest
Launchers and Boosters : 09 March, 2007
Alliant Techsystems composite technology supported yesterday's successful launch of the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. The launch will place Orbital Express in-space refueling demonstration mission into orbit. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the mission sponsor for the Orbital Express demonstration.
ATK and Lockheed Martin Complete Booster System Demonstration
Launchers and Boosters : 15 January, 2007
ATK and Lockheed Martin Complete Booster System Demonstration for Proposed U.S. Navy Intermediate-Range Missile
ATK Propulsion Technologies
Launchers and Boosters : 15 December, 2006
ATK Composite and Propulsion Technologies Help Launch National Reconnaissance Office Satellite
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