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Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Interchangeable handheld IED Detector
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 28 April, 2015
The GroundHunter MHDS from Chemring has been launched to provide IED detection capabilities with interchangeable heads for wire and metal detection
Expansion Of Lightweight Portable Military Robot Range
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 10 August, 2010
Elbit Systems has expanded the range of VIPeR robots to provide greater flexibility of use for its portable intelligent unmanned systems
Naval Sea Command Takes Man Transportable Robotic Systems
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 09 August, 2010
PackBot supplier, iRobot is delivering 20 million dollars worth of Man Transportable Robotic Systems for use by the Naval Sea Command for conducting dangerous missions at safe distances
Shaw Embarks On Omaha Munitions Clean-Up Project
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 02 August, 2010
US Army Engineers have contracted the Shaw Group to evaluate and restore former defence sites in Omaha that have been contaminated through munitions use
Detonation Chamber For Destruction of Old Munitions
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 04 June, 2010
UXB international is designing and building a static detonation chamber to be used in America for the destruction of munitions stored at Anniston
Demilitarisation Clean-Up Task At Army Training Centre
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 05 April, 2010
Versar to clear explosives and munitions at Fort Irwin National Training Centre in demilitarisation clean-up exercise
Dragon Runner Robot Gains Durability Accolade in the Guinness World Records
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 01 April, 2010
QinetiQ’s IED robot, the Dragon Runner features in the Guinness World Records 2010 as the most durable military robot
Modular Robot For EOD, CBRNE Sampling, Reconnaissance or Laboratory Use
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 29 March, 2010
The Cameleon robot from CSIP is an adaptable unmanned ground vehicle of modular construction enabling it to be used in a variety of field applications including bomb disposal work and unmanned reconnaissance
Unexploded Bomb Clean-up Company Acquisition
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 22 March, 2010
Versar has bought out Advent Environment, adding the company’s environmental and unexploded bomb clean up services to its portfolio
PackBot Bomb Investigation Robot Deliveries Reach 3000
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 18 February, 2010
iRobot reaches delivery landmark with the 3000th PackBot for the safe handling and disposal of explosive devices by military personnel or the emergency services
Roadside mine clearance system
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 21 January, 2010
The Aerospace and Defence Division at EDAG is developing technology for the efficient clearance of mines, bombs and other explosives with remote operation for improved safety of personnel
Symphony IED jamming system order
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 17 December, 2009
Allen-Vanguard will supply the Symphony Improvised Explosive Device jammers to Lockheed Martin as part of a large US Department of Defence order
SAIC counter IED contract
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 11 September, 2009
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has been awarded a contract and initial delivery order by the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) to be the program support integrator for the Marine Corps Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare (CREW) program.
QinietQ - Talon robots for Australian Defence Forces
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 25 August, 2009
QinetiQ Group PLC, a leading international provider of technology-based services and solutions, has secured a AUS$23m contract from the Australian Department of Defence for TALON robots and replacement parts to support Australian Defence Forces deployed on operations.
Success for Mine Killer K-STER
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 02 July, 2009
The ECA Group in France has been awarded a contract by Thales UK for the delivery of forty Mine Killer K-STER vehicles, a ′one shot’ Expendable Mine Disposal Vehicle (EMDV) that reduces mine-clearance time by identifying and destroying all types of mines including moored, bottom and partly-buried mines. The contract is part of the refit of two decommissioned HUNT class mine hunters, resold by the British MOD to the Lithuanian Navy.
CSIP/ECA Group - Contract for 40 Mine Killer K-STER vehicles
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 02 July, 2009
The contract is part of the refit of two decommissioned HUNT class mine hunters, resold by the British MOD to the Lithuanian Navy.
Smarter robot raises skills to clear landmines
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 20 May, 2009
According to the United Nations, the detection and clearance of bombs is especially important in Afghanistan, where large numbers of landmines litter the countryside and have injured 200,000 people because of the almost continuous fighting since the late 1970s.
ECA will be exhibiting at IDEX 2009 in Hall 7 Stand C36
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 18 February, 2009
ECA designs and delivers state of the art robotic and intelligent solutions for Defence & Civil customers.
QinetiQ - new TALON meets bomb detection challenges
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 10 February, 2009
QinetiQ has extended its TALON family of robots, 2,500 of which have already been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, to ensure it continues to meet the ever-changing demands of detecting and clearing mines, unexploded ordnance and dangerous improvised explosive devices (IEDs) from a safe distance.
Allen-Vanguard announces $5 million order for security equipment to Brazil
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 03 February, 2009
Allen-Vanguard Corporation of Ottawa, Canada today announced that it has received an order worth approximately C$5 million for a variety of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) equipment for Brazilian security forces.
SAIC - Military Mobile VACIS(R) Inspection Systems
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 29 December, 2008
Systems Enable Deployed Soldiers to Search Vehicles and Cargo for Weapons, Explosives and Other Threats
MineWolf Systems - Latest company newsnew
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 22 December, 2008
2008 was a very exciting year for MineWolf Systems. Our activities expanded significantly around the globe, including MineWolf machines deployed to new humanitarian demining projects in Africa (Sudan, Rwanda), the Balkans (Croatia) the Middle-East (Jordan, Lebanon, UAE), South America (Chile) and to the United States.
QinetiQ - $58.5 million in funding for additional TALON robots
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 03 December, 2008
QinetiQ North America today announced that its Technology Solutions Group has been awarded a total of $58.5 million in funding for additional TALON robots and replacement parts. The total represents awards from the US Army and Navy made during the six-month period 1 May to 1 November 2008.
National Homeland Defense Foundation Symposium VI
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 26 October, 2008
Northrop Grumman Corporation will highlight its homeland security and defense capabilities at the National Homeland Defense Foundation Symposium VI, October 28-30, at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo.
SAIC Awarded $11 Million Task Order from the Joint IED Defeat Organization
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 23 September, 2008
Company to Provide Project Management and Application Development for Enterprise Management System
Roke and Peak Resources have signed licencing deal in counter Mine Technology Programme
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 15 August, 2008
Roke Manor Research has just signed a development agreement and licensing deal with a U.S. company – Peak Resources . Operating in Canada - Peak Resources - will licence Roke’s cutting edge patents – ′cold sky’ and ′Fig8’ to develop mine detection systems.
QinetiQ deploys the 2,000th TALON military robot
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 09 July, 2008
TALON production by QinetiQ North America supports detection and neutralisation of deadly IEDs and saves lives
MineWolf systems for Chile
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 08 July, 2008
Chilean Army Procures MineWolf Large-scale Mine Clearance Systems to Clear Minefields along its Borders
Aardvark at Eurosatory 2008
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 16 May, 2008
Aardvark will be exhibitng at Eurosatory 2008
Northrop Grumman Remotec Robots Tested
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 24 April, 2008
The Andros line of robots produced by Northrop Grumman Corporation's subsidiary Remotec Inc., is the first to be tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), a non-profit organization promoting communications among Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units in the United States and abroad.
MineWolf for UAE
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 22 April, 2008
The Land Forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed a multi-million euro contract with BAL Bauer Industries Ltd. for the procurement of large-scale mine clearance machines "MineWolf’.
MineWolf Systems - First Quarter Results
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 13 April, 2008
A summary of the first quarter results is show below. The full document can be downloaded from the company web site.
Chemring Group - New EOD and IEDD specialist
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 23 January, 2008
Chemring Group’s acquisition of leading EOD and IEDD specialist, Richmond EEI strengthens the Group’s position as a key provider of global protection products. Richmond is a world leader in light-weight, long-range, recoilless disrupters – vital for safely neutralising unexploded ordnance and IEDs, whilst minimising the risk of collateral damage.
Allen-Vanguard - Financial newsnew
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 23 January, 2008
Allen-Vanguard Corporation ('Allen-Vanguard' or the 'Company') (TSX:VRS) today clarified that its total backlog at the beginning of fiscal 2008 was approximately $173 million. In its press release dated December 18, 2007, the Company incorrectly referred to opening backlog of $135 million. All amounts are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.
QinetiQ - Talon Robots in Australia
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 22 October, 2007
QinetiQ has unveiled plans to establish a service and support centre for its Talon& robots in Sydney, Australia in conjunction with its in-country representative, Pacific Security and Environmental Solutions (PSES) Pty. QinetiQ's Talon robots are manufactured in North America and are being sold in ever increasing numbers around the world - there are already over 1000 Talons in-theatre.
QinetiQ - Modular Design to TALON? and SWORDS Robots
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 09 October, 2007
Interchangeable weapon and manipulator arm featured in new modular design
QinetiQ - The Talon? EOD Robots
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 11 September, 2007
The Talon® family of versatile Explosive Ordnance (bomb) Disposal (EOD) robots are produced by Foster-Miller, a wholly owned subsidiary of QinetiQ North America. The SWORD (Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Direct-action System) variant can be configured with either an M240 or M249 machine gun or a Barrett .50 calibre rifle for armed reconnaissance missions. These systems will be on display on QinetiQ's stand 641 at DSEi (11-14 September).
Minewolf - Mini MineWolf on Jordanian/Syrian Border
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 31 August, 2007
Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) has purchased its 3rd Mini MineWolf for humanitarian demining operations. The mechanical demining machine will be deployed along the Jordan-Syria border where an estimated 67,000 anti -personnel (AP) and anti Tank (AT) mines were deployed along a more than 100km mine-belt before 1973 (source: Landmine Monitor). The remote-controlled unit complements a MineWolf large-scale demining machine already working in Jordan since August 2006, helping to clear over 1.1 million square meters along the Jordan-Israel border. Since 2006 the Mini MineWolf has been deployed in 3 countries, clearing a total of over 2.5 million square meters.
MineWolf - Shortlisted by US Dept of State for Balklands
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 31 August, 2007
U.S. Department of State Shortlists MineWolf Systems for Support Funding in the Balkans
MineWolf - Demining Machine
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 31 August, 2007
Minewolf Product Profile
QinetiQ (Foster-Miller Inc) - Talon Robot Repair Activitiy
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 31 May, 2007
Wholly owned QinetiQ subsidiary Foster-Miller Inc, announced today that its IDIQ (indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity) contract from the Robotic Systems Joint Program Office administered by the Naval Air Warfare Training Systems Division (NAVAIR) has been increased from $63.9 million to $150 million to accommodate the purchase of additional TALON® robots and replacement parts for service in Iraq and Afghanistan.
QinetiQ - Detector for Concealed Explosives
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 13 April, 2007
SPO-20 is a security screening system designed to detect explosive devices concealed under people's clothing.
Allen-Vanguard: Interactive ROV demo at CBW Symposium
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 29 March, 2007
Allen-Vanguard, the internal security specialist, is staging a live demonstration at the Symposium Against Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents in May to illustrate the phases of action and the role of ROVs in CBRN situations.
QinetiQ - Next generation Bomb Disposal Robots
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 28 December, 2006
The UK's next generation bomb disposal robots to be supplied by Northrop Grumman, teamed with QinetiQ
Foster-Miller Talon Robot
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 21 December, 2006
TALON Robot Selected as Military Design of the Year by Electronic Design Magazine
General Dynamics Awarded $6m Contract for Ordnance Disposal
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 03 November, 2006
General Dynamics Awarded $6 Million Contract for Ordnance Disposal Systems Inbox General Dynamics
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