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Full Line-Up of Elbit Systems? Products On Show at FIDAE 2010

Elbit Systems : 17 March, 2010  (New Product)
Unmanned Aerial Systems, Simulation Technology as well Tactical Radio and Communication Systems will form part of the military technology showcase being organised by Elbit Systems for the FIDAE show taking place in Chile during late March
Full Line-Up of Elbit Systems? Products On Show at FIDAE 2010
Elbit Systems will present a vast array of advanced next-generation systems and solutions at the upcoming FIDAE exhibition, set to take place at Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, Santiago-de-Chile 23-28 March, 2010.

The Company’s exhibition stand (Hall D, stand 1L) will be the venue for a full spectrum of advanced systems demonstrating leadership in all of its business areas, from tactical radio and communication systems to advanced Avionics and electro-optic systems as well as a variety of the Company's UAS displayed in real-size at the outdoor presentation area facing the Company stand. FIDAE will be an excellent opportunity for visitors to view displays and presentations of Elbit Systems’ core technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

The following systems will be highlighted at the show:

Land and C4I Systems:

Elbit Systems’ C4I software solutions for the infantry (C4I SW), together with the decades of communications experience of Tadiran Communications', offer extensive, battle-proven expertise for the most intense combat scenarios. It supports planning, situational awareness, target handling, devices connectivity as well as video and map displays. It also provides command and control functionalities for all levels of commands of light infantry forces along with interface to armored units, artillery and close air support. Interfacing and operating with all existing communication equipment, Elbit Systems equips infantry soldiers with highly-advanced, miniaturized high-tech tools mounted on backs or helmets for enhanced situational awareness, quicker response and ultimately increased efficiency in mission performance.

Dominator® Integrated Infantry Combat System (IICS) - Dominator empowers infantry units with full situational awareness, networking them into integrated information systems. Land warriors can send and receive information in real time, view up-to-the-minute situation pictures (hostile and own forces) on personal displays as well as live video from either external or on body sensors and transmit images and positions back to command units.

The following are part of the Dominator IICS gear:

* PDU – Personal Digital Unit- a rugged, tactical powerful computer especially designed for the individual infantry warrior. The compact, energy-efficient, computer empowers the soldier with data processing and storage capabilities, includes an integrated GPS and the Integrated Infantry Combat System C2 application, and the TIGER system.

* TIGER (Tactical Intranet Geographic Dissemination in Real-time) enhances real-time decision making at all force levels by unifying all channels, integrating them into one dynamic tactical intranet and creating interest-based, geographic data dissemination.

* Eyepiece - a high quality display for the C4I picture and live video and built-in LOS (Line Of Sight) sensors, the eyepiece may be mounted on a helmet, on the warrior's vest or as part of the weapon-mounted Fire Control System.

* Hand-held Display - a compact portable display, sunlight readable, 5.6in or 8in touch panel screen and operation function keys. This display is designed to display the C2 application and streaming video.

* MaXess - Elbit Systems' Advanced broadband Military Wireless LAN supporting live video transmission and reception, based on advanced ad-hoc networking protocols, enabling the land warrior to efficiently close the sensor to shooter loop.

Dominator interfaces with any communications device. Optimal operation is assured with the following Elbit Systems Land and C4I–Tadiran radios on display at Elbit Systems' stand:

* Tadiran PNR-500 Personal Net Radio (410-450 MHz) is a fully-functioning UHF communicator enabling 3-way conferencing on a single channel. Rugged and software-based, the PNR-500 supports air, sea and ground communications, with its Always Available feature facilitating the delivery of mission-critical messages. The radio can also be used as the wireless unit in Tadiran's vehicular intercom system.

* Tadiran CNR-9000 HDR - This tactical radio system provides high speed 115 kbps data communications capabilities on 25 kHz spaced tactical VHF/FM channels. At lower data rates, the Tadiran CNR-9000 HDR achieves up to twice the range compared to the legacy communication radios. These capabilities enable delivery of multimedia functionality to the battlefield.

* Tadiran THF-8000 - Adaptable to every arena, the Tadiran THF-8000 comprises a manpack configuration (PRC), vehicular configuration (VRC) and high power systems. The radios are feature-packed with advanced capabilities such as a high data communication rate of up to 19,200 bps with STANAG 5066 as the application controller. The PRC manpack radio set offers a unique ability of data transfer rate, allowing for video transfer to the soldier in the field via the HF channel. It also incorporates advanced miniaturization technologies resulting in significant weight and size reduction.

* VIC-500 Digital Intercom for Tanks and other military vehicles is a digital wireless intercom system that links the on-board crew members among themselves as well as with the external world. With this system, each crew member can dismount the vehicle and move on foot unencumbered to distances of up to 800 meters from the vehicle, while remaining in touch with all of the other mounted or dismounted crew members as well as with other forces and radio stations. The VIC-500’s unique full-duplex conference communicating capability allows two crew members to speak simultaneously, while an unlimited number of personnel listen in, improving coordination and reducing operational errors.

* Tadiran PRC-710 MB is an advanced, secured multi-band (30-512 MHz), frequency-hopping hand-held radio, covering VHF and UHF tactical bands, and facilitates voice and data communications between air, ground and naval forces. Compact and lightweight, the PRC-710 enables communications from the palm of the hand and integrates into C4I systems.

Training & Simulation:

* HLS2 - Homeland Security Simulation - The HLS2 system enables training, operational mission rehearsal and security planning, as well as doctrine and procedural evaluation and development for first responders, emergency agencies such as police, rescue & fire fighters, medical care, NBCR teams, local & state authorities and control room commanders in complex urban environments, handling diverse catastrophic situations.

* Joint Forces Tactical Training Systems - Our LVC (Live, Virtual & Constructive) training system, based on the BEST infrastructure, offers live, virtual training for all levels of air, ground and naval forces. It launches a new era in advanced operational training by connecting all levels of operational forces, both in simulators and on-board actual platforms, and enabling them to share the same arena.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Military and homeland security forces worldwide benefit from Elbit Systems’ UAS as their sophisticated capabilities and on-board systems take on many of the complex challenges previously performed solely by manned aircraft.

* Hermes 900 is Elbit Systems' new Tactical Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS. Looking to address the growing demand for Tactical MALE UAS platforms, Elbit Systems added the Hermes 900 to its growing UAS family. With its 15 m wingspan and 970 kg max takeoff weight, the Hermes 900 is a natural extension of the Hermes 450 tactical UAS. While offering all Hermes 450 capabilities, it features larger multi-payload configurations, higher flight altitude and extended flight time.
Hermes 900 has recently completed a successful maiden flight and will commence serial production following the completion of additional flight tests.
Hermes 900 will be on display in real size at the outdoor presentation area, as well as at the Elbit Systems' stand in 1:10 scale

* Hermes 450 is a major player in Israel's ongoing security activities and is the IDF's primary UAS. The versatile, long-endurance UAS, equipped with Elbit Systems' CoMPASS EO/IR/LD gimbaled electro-optical payload, can adapt to a wide range of payloads, including SAR/GMTI radar and dual payload configurations. Hermes 450 executes its diverse missions in a highly autonomous manner and is controlled by the Hermes Universal Ground Control System (UGCS). Hermes 450 will be on display in real size at the outdoor presentation area, as well as at the Elbit Systems stand in 1:10 scale

* Hermes 450 B - An all weather platform with dual payload (electro-optic CCD & IR + Laser and SAR/GMTI), the Hermes 450 B is equipped with IATOL. Hermes® 450 B will be on display at Elbit Systems' stand in a 1:10 scale

* Hermes 90 features high survivability and is a long endurance UAS with 18 hours mission range of up to 100 kilometers. Hermes 90 provides various payloads integration capability and dual launch and recovery methods including integral launcher for point launch and recovery on non-prepared surfaces without using any dedicated ground equipment, as well as strip operation. The system enables full integration with any C4I system, for fast imagery dissemination as well as easy coordination between the operational forces in the field. The Hermes 90 is ideal for maneuvering forces and maritime forces using its heavy fuel engine configuration, enabling refueling, launch and recovery on naval platforms and ships. Hermes 90 will be on display in real size at the outdoor presentation area, as well as at Elbit Systems' stand in 1:10 scale

* Skylark I-LE - This new model Skylark unmanned aircraft system is based on the vast experience accumulated by Skylark I in thousands of hours in operational flight in various war zones (Iraq and Afghanistan). In addition to major improvements implemented, based on extensive operational experience, Skylark I-LE has been upgraded to offer longer endurance of up to three hours and enhanced robustness, two crucial features that ensure overall improved operational performance. Skylark I-LE was selected by the Israeli Defence Forces to equip the battalion-level for all Ground Forces, including training and logistics support. Skylark I-LE will be on display at Elbit Systems' stand in 1:10 scale

* Skylark II is a close range tactical UAS that can perform day, night and adverse weather observation, data collection and target marking at mission ranges exceeding 50 kilometers. The system is designed for battlefield deployment using Humvee class field vehicles equipped with an integral launcher for point launch and recovery, and an advanced dual station Ground Control Station. Full cycle operation is possible with a crew of two. Skylark II will be on display at Elbit Systems' stand in 1:10 scale

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV):

* Silver Marlin is a fast, agile, highly maneuverable medium-sized USV featuring autonomous obstacle avoidance sensors and controls. Capable of carrying a wide variety of payloads including Elbit Systems' electro-optic naval payloads and Remote-Controlled Stabilized Weapon Station, this USV features adaptive boat control to enhance performance in rough conditions and at high speeds. Silver Marlin will be on display at Elbit Systems' stand in 1:10 scale

Avionic Products and Systems:

Elbit Systems, with its comprehensive airborne systems capabilities, can provide a single sensor or an entire cockpit avionic suite. We integrate our systems on fixed and rotary-wing, Eastern and Western, new and mature aircraft. We also supply unique commercial Avionics systems and aero structure structures for civilian aircraft, and our airborne systems are installed as original equipment in new aircraft.

New Generation ANVIS/HUD - The new generation Aviator Night Vision Imaging System Head-Up Display (ANVIS/HUD) adds line-of-sight technology to the legacy ANVIS/HUD. It provides enhanced day/night situational awareness and increased mission efficiency and survivability. ANVIS/HUD can be installed on utility and attack rotary-wing platforms. The ANVIS/HUD also known as HMSD (Helmet Mounted Sight and Display) may be viewed on the Eurocopter EC635 Helicopter displayed in the outdoor area facing Chalet D.

* Laser Guided Rocket (GATR) - Installed on 68/70 mm rockets to convert them into metric precision guided weapons, the Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket (GATR) can be used for air-to-ground or ground-to-ground missions, against soft or lightly armored stationary or fast-moving targets. GATR will be on display at the Elbit Systems stand

* LIZARD laser-based precision guidance kits are designed to strike any laser designated target. The kits featur high precision proportional controls, higher hit probability with fewer sorties and bombs per target, providing enhanced cost-effectiveness compared to alternative laser guided bombs. The LIZARD series features three models: Lizard 2 for stationary or slow moving targets, Lizard 3 for moving targets and trajectory shaping and the most recent addition to the family, Lizard 4 an all-weather guidance system. Elbit Systems announced recently it was selected to equip the Israel Air Force with its Lizard laser-guided smart munitions and believes this order will be an impetus to increased systems orders worldwide. LIZARD will be on display at the Elbit Systems stand

Armoured Fighting Vehicle Upgrade Systems:

Elbit Systems is a pioneer in Combat Vehicle integrated systems. Its Land and C4I – Tadiran Division, one of the world's largest developers, producers and integrators of such systems, has supplied more than 7,000 systems and sub-systems for new Main Battle Tanks and Light Armoured Vehicles as well as for upgrade programs worldwide. Elbit Systems’ development, manufacturing, integration and support capabilities enable it to provide customised solutions for virtually every type of armoured vehicle in service worldwide. Its advanced integrated combat systems for armoured vehicles are designed to maximize first-round-hit probability, acquire targets at day and night, and increase survivability and protection - even in the harshest conditions.

* COAPS - Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight is a new 3rd generation modular sight for AFVs which facilitates long-range target acquisition day and night (24/7), from stationary positions as well as on-the-move. Based on open architecture, COAPS is easily adaptable to sensor additions/changes, so that electro-optical components can be added or removed as customer requirements dictate. It features a wide range of advanced sensors, including 3-5µm or 8-12µm thermal imagers, a color zoom camera and an Eye-safe Laser Range Finder (ELRF). Combining a built-in electronic unit, an independently stabilized dual axis, as well as dedicated ballistic protection, COAPS enables an independent 360° panoramic view. It provides hunt-kill capabilities with the turret system through the existing GMS. COAPS will be on display at Elbit Systems' stand.

Unmanned Turret Systems and Overhead Remote Control Weapon Stations:

Elbit Systems offers Unmanned Turrets and Remote Control Weapon Stations ranging from 7.62 mm. up to 30 mm. The systems are fully stabilized and designed for optimal integration on-board various platforms with no deck penetration. The lightweight systems have extremely very low silhouette, thus rendering it very effective for armored personnel carriers, AFVs, tanks, tactical vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles.

The following ORCWS and UT capabilities will be displayed in graphic and video formats:

* Elbit Systems UT 30mm is developed, designed and produced for armor protection according to NATO standards and can be fully equipped up to STANAG 4569 L4 protection, covering all turret components and systems including ammunition, gunner's sights, commander panoramic sights, all electronics and more. The turret presented outstanding burst firing performance in numerous tests in full gun capacity (200 rounds per minute). The UT 30mm are fully developed and manufactured in-house by Elbit Systems.

* 12.7 mm Remote Controlled Weapons Station - Entirely developed by Elbit Systems, the second generation 12.7 mm ORCWS uses dual-axis stabilization, to enable the weapon station to provide a high first round hit probability while on-the-move and engagement of both static and moving targets. Firing NATO Ammunition through its NATO-type machinegun, the systems can be equipped with smoke grenade launchers to further increase the vehicle's protection. Survivability is further enhanced by the optronic sensor package installed in the weapon station, as well as the complimenting 360-degree laser detection system and other situational awareness sensors. Using both a day camera, a thermal night vision camera, a laser range-finder and an optional searchlight enables long-range observation and highly accurate acquiring of target coordinates in all weather conditions and round-the-clock operation.

* 7.62 mm Remote Controlled Weapons Station - The RCWS 7.62 mm, Remote Controlled Weapon Station is fully stabilized and designed for optimal integration into various platforms with no deck penetration. The system has a very low silhouette and fully equipped it weighs less than 150 kg. It can be loaded with 690 rounds, upgradeable to 1150, rounds, thus rendering it ideal for Armored Personnel Carriers, Armored Fighting Vehicles, Tanks, Tactical Vehicles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles. All weapon station functions - cocking, re-cocking, safe & fire, elevation and traverse - are electrically remotely controlled.


Elbit Systems, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Elbit Systems Electro-optics - Elop Ltd. (Elop), is a globally recognized multidisciplinary electro-optics systems house – incorporating the full range of related technologies and facilities in the areas of Observation and Surveillance Payloads, Space and Airborne IMINT, Lasers, Thermal Imaging, Electro-Optic Countermeasures, Head-Up Displays, Integrated Sights for Ground Forces and Homeland Security

* MUSIC MUlti-Spectral Infrared Countermeasure System - This laser-based direct infra-red countermeasure (DIRCM) system provides aircraft with superior protection against multiple infra-red missile threats. The heart of MUSIC is an innovative laser technology, which causes the system to emit a narrow laser beam towards an approaching missile, jamming its guidance system.

* C-MUSIC (Commercial MUlti-Spectral Infra-red Countermeasure), the commercial version of MUSIC system was selected by the Israeli Ministry of Transportation to be installed aboard a variety of commercial aircraft owned by Israeli commercial airlines. MUSIC will be presented in graphic format at the Elbit Systems stand

* SWORD Surveillance & Warning Obstacle Ranging & Display - This unique Laser Radar (LADAR) that provides obstacle detection and real-time alerts to Helicopter pilots flying at low altitudes and adverse weather conditions. SWORD digitally Maps the obstacles and terrain on front of the Helicopter and automatically analyzes the received data, providing the pilot with both audio and visual warning signals, thus increasing safety without adding to the pilot's workload. SWORD will be presented in graphic format at the Elbit Systems stand

* DCoMPASS - the latest addition to the CoMPASS family of payloads, combines the most advanced digital electronics and networking technologies with high performance capabilities of the legacy CoMPASS. DCoMPASS introduces some of the market leading operational benefits, exceptionally high resolution digital imagery, precise target location using on gimbal IMU, advanced tracking & image processing algorithms, all packed in the lightest single LRU, stabilized payload in its class. The DCoMPASS allows network IP operation via digital Ethernet interface. DCoMPASS will be on display on-board the Hermes 450 UAS at Elbit Systems' outdoor exhibition area as well as on the Eurocopter EC635 Helicopter in the outdoor exhibition area

* Micro-CoMPASS - Micro Multi-Purpose Advanced Stabilized System - An 8in extremely lightweight and compact day and night surveillance system, Micro-CoMPASS is optimised for use in a wide range of platforms. Featuring compact dimensions, low weight, high degree of stabilization and high performance sensors, Micro-CoMPASS is highly effective solution for helicopters, UAS, seaborne electro-optics surveillance systems, fire control systems and search & rescue missions. Elbit Systems recently announced the completion of successful flights of an enhanced Micro-CoMPASS payload featuring advanced capabilities onboard its Hermes 90 UAS. Micro-CoMPASS will be on display at Elbit Systems' stand

* CONDOR2 Airborne Reconnaissance System -A Long-Range Oblique Photography (LOROP) system that produces real-time, high resolution, simultaneous dual-band (Visible and IR) imaging for oblique Image Intelligence (IMINT) at high and medium altitudes. CONDOR2 is an integrated solution based on Elbit Systems’ cutting edge sensor technology and next generation image exploitation system.

* CORAL Hand-held 3-5 µm FPA Thermal Imaging Camera - A high resolution hand held Dual FOV personal Thermal Imaging camera, CORAL is lightweight, easy to operate and provides excellent picture quality. The system’s applications include infantry, scout and perimeter defence missions. It features continuous X1 – X4 electronic zoom. CORAL will be on display at Elbit Systems' stand

* LILY-S - LILY-S is a compact Short-range Thermal Weapon Sight (STWS), comprised of a single Field of View un-cooled thermal imager and a high resolution OLED display and viewer, all housed in a ruggedized and sealed housing. The LILY-S, when mounted on a small arms weapon (like M4, AK-47 or Individual Weapon Steyr Special Purpose rifle, will enable the weapon system user to detect, acquire and engage targets during day and night and under adverse weather and atmospheric conditions. LILY-S will be on display at Elbit Systems' stand

Elisra will present its integrated Electronic warfare (EW) and Intelligence for airborne, ground and naval applications. Elisra will showcase its miniaturised airborne self protection suites. These compact, adaptable and customisable all-in-one unified systems offer protection for virtually all airborne platforms.

The company will also present its combat proven IR based Missile Warning Protection Suites (PAWS) for all Helicopter types, transport and VIP aircraft.

At the show Elisra will offer its new solution - the ground breaking, 3rd generation COMINT receiver, TSR 2300 (Tadiran System Receiver). This receiver provides COMINT and support COMJAM missions in any environment.

Elisra's tailored intelligence solutions are designed to operate in the densest, most demanding electromagnetic environments. The company’s ESM/ELINT, COMINT/DF, COMJAM and ECM Jamming deliver fast and accurate detection of the most sophisticated transmissions, defending against a broad and diversified range of dynamic threats.
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