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Full Elbit Range On Show At Black Sea Defence Aerospace Exhibition

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Elbit Systems
: 07 April, 2010  (New Product)
Romanian subsidiary of Elbit Systems to display the company’s range of products including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, simulation systems and a variety of vision systems
Full Elbit Range On Show At Black Sea Defence Aerospace Exhibition
Elbit Sisteme Romania, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, will present a vast array of advanced next-generation systems and solutions at the forthcoming Black Sea Defence Aerospace (BSDA) exhibition, set to take place in Bucharest, Romania from 13-15 April, 2010.

The Company’s exhibition booth (Hall 5, Booth B8001) will be the venue for a wide variety of advanced systems demonstrating leadership in all of its business areas, from training and simulation and unmanned aircraft systems to electro-optics, advanced C4I systems and solutions and systems for Armored Fighting Vehicles. BSDA will be an excellent opportunity for visitors to view displays and presentations of Elbit Sisteme Romanias’ core technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

For many years Elbit Systems has cooperated extensively with Romanian industry in large-scale programs performed jointly with Aerostar SA Bacau, IAR Brasov, Avioane Craiova SA and others. The Company also has long established facilities in Romania, specifically, A/E Electronics in Bacau, as well as Elmet (advanced machining) and Simultec (simulators and trainers) in Bucharest.

The following will be highlighted at BSDA 2010:

Avionic Products and Systems:

Elbit Sisteme Romania, with the comprehensive airborne systems capabilities of the Elbit Systems organization, provides a single sensor or an entire cockpit avionic suite. We integrate our systems on fixed and rotary-wing, Eastern and Western, new and mature aircraft. We also supply unique commercial Avionics systems and aero structure components for civilian aircraft, and our airborne systems are installed as original equipment in new aircraft. For more than two decades Elbit Systems has supplied numerous systems, products and support services for variety of OEMs, such as: The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, Embraer, Sikorsky, IAR Brasov, Aerostar, Avioane Craiova and others. This includes mission computers, display systems, stores management systems, commercial data entity electronic units, digital video recorders, data link hardware and software, head-up displays, helmet mounted systems, structural assemblies and simulators.

STAR - Smart Tactical Advanced Rocket dramatically improves hit probability, engages targets at long range and significantly reduces collateral damage, especially in crowded urban warfare scenarios. Used primarily against ground targets such as armoured personnel carriers, artillery, trucks and the like, STAR can be launched from, combat vehicles, stationary launchers, helicopters and fighter-aircrafts. STAR is a conversion of existing 68/70/80 mm rockets using Elbit Systems’ guidance-kits, and incorporating the company’s battle-proven Semi-Active Laser (SAL) Seeker Guidance technology.
STAR will be presented in the Elbit Sisteme Romania booth

Logistic Support Services

Elbit Sisteme Romania provides logistic support services for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters including repair, maintenance and supply of spare parts for a variety of air forces worldwide. Part of these services are performed as contractor logistic support (CLS) projects and performance based logistics (PBL).


Our upgrade programs for fixed-wing fighter, trainer and transport aircraft include those for aircraft such as the IAR 99, F-4, F-5, T-38, AL-X Super Tucano, AMX, AT-63 Pampa, MiG-21, SU-25, L-39 and C-130.

Training & Simulation:

Elbit Sisteme Romania’s airborne, training and simulators programs include aircraft flight training solutions and operation of training aircraft for both fixed-wing trainers and helicopters under private financing initiative (PFI) and “power by the hour” (PBH). In coordination with Lockheed Martin, Elbit Systems supplies the Avionics simulation system, cockpit and visual system for the IAF’s F-16I aircrew flight and system trainer. We also supply simulators for fixed-wing aircraft such as the F-16A, F-16C/D, AL-X, F-4E, F-5, Mig-21, IAR 99 and Mirage 2000, as well as helicopters such as the Puma, Mi-8, Mi-24 and Sea King. We are supplying the IAF with a simulator for the B-200 and a crisis management simulator for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

F-16 Full Mission Simulator

The advanced Full Mission Simulator for the F-16 aircraft simulates all aircraft systems, emergencies and weapon deliveries. The advanced full mission simulators for the F-16 aircraft support A/G, A/A and other mission types and features an integrated Instructor Operating Station (IOS) and After Action Review (AAR) capabilities. The Company integrates actual Avionics components into its simulators enabling use of LRUs from the simulated platform. This assures full simulation fidelity together with upgrade potential as Avionics evolve. The simulators are based on the operationally proven SimEngine simulation core-software suite, incorporating many advanced features such as scheduling, real-time performance on standard PCs and MS Windows operating systems, data monitoring and injection and database management fully provided to the customer. Elbit Systems supplied its F-16I simulator system to the Israeli Air Force (IAF).

Full Mission/Full Motion Simulators for Mi-17 Helicopter

Our Full Mission/Full Motion Simulators (FMS) for the Mi-17 Helicopter provides training that covers every aspect of Helicopter routines in addition to emergency and mission operations for diverse scenarios. The FMS simulates a variety of flight conditions and assures tactical environment preparedness. Built on a moving structure, the FMS simulates the feeling of flight under various conditions, providing pilots with a realistic flight experience.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

The Company's UAS have earned international recognition and are playing increasingly vital roles in the global war on terrorism. Military and homeland security forces worldwide benefit from these UAS as their sophisticated capabilities and onboard systems take on many of the complex challenges previously performed solely by manned aircraft.

Hermes 90 features high survivability and is a long endurance UAS with 18 hours mission range of up to 100 kilometres. Hermes 90 provides various payloads integration capability and dual launch and recovery methods including integral launcher for point launch and recovery on non-prepared surfaces without using any dedicated ground equipment, as well as strip operation. The system enables full integration with any C4I system, for fast imagery dissemination as well as easy coordination between the operational forces in the field. The Hermes 90 is ideal for manoeuvring forces and maritime forces using its heavy fuel engine configuration, enabling refuelling, launch and recovery on naval platforms and ships.

Hermes90 will be presented in real-size in the Elbit Sisteme Romania booth.

Skylark I-LE

This new model Skylark unmanned aircraft system is based on the vast experience accumulated by Skylark I in thousands of hours in operational flight in various war zones (Iraq and Afghanistan). In addition to major improvements implemented, based on extensive operational experience, Skylark I-LE has been upgraded to offer longer endurance of up to three hours and enhanced robustness, two crucial features that ensure overall improved operational performance. Skylark I-LE was selected by the Israeli Defence Forces to equip the battalion-level for all Ground Forces, including training and logistics support.

Skylark I-LE will be presented in real-size in the Elbit Sisteme Romania booth.

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV):

Silver Marlin - A fast, agile, highly manoeuvrable medium-sized USV featuring autonomous obstacle avoidance sensors and controls. Capable of carrying a wide variety of payloads including Elbit Systems’ electro-optic naval payloads and Remote-Controlled Stabilized Weapon Station, this USV features adaptive boat control to enhance performance in rough conditions and at high speeds.

Land and C4I Systems:

Elbit Sisteme Romanias’ C4I software solutions for the infantry (C4I SW), together with the decades of communications experience of our Tadiran Communications' product line, offer extensive, battle-proven expertise for the most intense combat scenarios. It supports planning, situational awareness, target handling, devices connectivity as well as video and map displays. It also provides command and control functionalities for all levels of commands of light infantry forces along with interface to armoured units, artillery and close air support. Interfacing and operating with all existing communication equipment, We equip infantry soldiers with highly-advanced, miniaturized high-tech tools mounted on backs or helmets for enhanced situational awareness, quicker response and ultimately increased efficiency in mission performance.

Dominator Integrated Infantry Combat System (IICS)

Dominator empowers infantry units with full situational awareness, networking them into integrated information systems. Land warriors can send and receive information in real time, view up-to-the-minute situation pictures (enemy and own forces) on personal displays as well as live video from either external, or on body sensors, and transmit images and positions back to command units.

The following are part of the Dominator IICS gear:

PDU – Personal Digital Unit- a rugged, tactical powerful computer especially designed for the individual infantry warrior. The compact, energy-efficient, computer empowers the soldier with data processing and storage capabilities, includes an integrated GPS and the Integrated Infantry Combat System C2 application, and the TIGER system.

TIGER (Tactical Intranet Geographic Dissemination in Real-time) enhances real-time decision making at all force levels by unifying all channels, integrating them into one dynamic tactical intranet and creating interest-based, geographic data dissemination.

Eyepiece - a high quality display for the C4I picture and live video and built-in LOS (Line Of Sight) sensors, the eyepiece may be mounted on a helmet, on the warrior's vest or as part of the weapon-mounted Fire Control System.

Hand-held Display - a compact portable display, sunlight readable, 5.6in or 8in touch panel screen and operation function keys. This display is designed to display the C2 application and streaming video.

MaXess- Advanced broadband Military Wireless LAN supporting live video transmission and reception, based on advanced ad-hoc networking protocols, enabling the land warrior to efficiently close the sensor to shooter loop.

Dominator interfaces with any communications device. Optimal operation is assured with the following Elbit Systems Land and C4I–Tadiran radios on display in Elbit Sisteme Romania booth:

Tadiran THF-8000

Adaptable to every arena, the Tadiran THF-8000 is comprises a manpack configuration (PRC), vehicular configuration (VRC) and high power systems. The radios are feature-packed with advanced capabilities such as high data communication rate of up to 19,200 bps with STANAG 5066 as the application controller. The PRC manpack radio set offers a unique ability of data transfer rate, allowing for video transfer to the soldier in the field via HF channel. It also incorporates advanced miniaturization technologies resulting in significant weight and size reduction.

Tadiran THF-8000 will be presented in the Elbit Sisteme Romania booth

MICOM-Z HF-SSB Radio supports a very broad range of communication solutions, including secure voice, e-mail and data transmissions, through the deployment of external modem and audio accessories. The systems features AMD (SMS-like text messages) for pre-set or operator defined text messages point to point or point to multi point, Internal GPS for positional data, telemetry, AVL applications and a wide range of antenna systems for maximum reliability and performance.

Armored Fighting Vehicle Upgrade Systems:

Elbit Systems is a pioneer in Combat Vehicle integrated systems. Its Land and C4I – Tadiran Division, one of the world's largest developers, producers and integrators of such systems, has supplied more than 7,000 systems and subsystems for new Main Battle Tanks and Light Armoured Vehicles as well as for upgrade programs worldwide. The Company's development, manufacturing, integration and support capabilities enable it to provide customized solutions for virtually every type of armoured vehicle in service worldwide.

The Company is engaged in numerous land vehicle modernization programs for European customers, including the Turkish M-60 tank modernization program. We supply systems to Mowag for the Romanian Ministry of Defence’s Piranha III vehicle program, to Mowag for the Piranha III Belgium armoured infantry vehicle program, to Patria for the Slovenian AMV 8x8 armed vehicle program, to Steyr for the Portuguese Army’s Pandur II 8x8 light wheeled armoured vehicle program and to Iveco for the Brazilian Army’s medium wheeled armoured personnel carrier program.

'LEGATUS' - Light Tactical Reconnaissance All-Terrain Armored Vehicle integrated on AM General's HMMWV ('Humvee') platform:

'LEGATUS' is equipped with a full protection and detection suit, primarily including the following latest generation systems: second generation 12.7 mm Overhead Remote Control Weapon Station–Medium (ORCWS-M), Mast-mounted Stabilized Observation System, Thermal Driving Camera, GPS Navigation and North Finding System, Digital Crew Intercom, VHFUHF Radio and, Laser Warning System combined with protective Smoke Grenade Launchers, full spectrum Camouflage Net and other features. It also includes a Life Support System made by Kinetics (a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems) consisting of a NBC protection system combined with Air Conditioning, Automatic Fire Suppression System. The Humvee's Armour Protection suit is designed and produced by Plasan.

LEGATUS will be presented in real-size at the UTi booth

Unmanned Turret Systems and Overhead Remote Control Weapon Stations:

Elbit Sisteme Romania offers Unmanned Turrets and Remote Control Weapon Stations ranging from 7.62 mm. up to 30 mm. The systems are fully stabilized and designed for optimal integration onboard various platforms with no deck penetration. The lightweight systems have extremely very low silhouette, thus rendering it very effective for armoured personnel carriers, AFVs, tanks, tactical vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles.

The following ORCWS and UT capabilities will be displayed in graphic and video formats:

UT 30mm is developed, designed and produced for Armour protection according to NATO standards and can be fully equipped up to STANAG 4569 L4 protection, covering all turret components and systems including ammunition, gunner's sights, commander panoramic sights, all electronics and more. The turret presented outstanding burst firing performance in numerous tests in full gun capacity (200 rounds per minute). The UT 30mm are fully developed and manufactured in-house by Elbit Systems .

12.7 mm Remote Controlled Weapons Station - Entirely developed by Elbit Systems, the second generation 12.7 mm ORCWS uses dual-axis stabilization, to enable the weapon station to provide a high first round hit probability while on-the-move and engagement of both static and moving targets. Firing NATO Ammunition through its NATO-type machinegun, the systems can be equipped with smoke grenade launchers to further increase the vehicle's protection. Survivability is further enhanced by the optronic sensor package installed in the weapon station, as well as the complimenting 360 degree laser detection system and other situational awareness sensors. Using both a day camera, a thermal night vision camera, a laser range-finder and an optional searchlight enables long range observation and highly accurate acquiring of target coordinates in all weather conditions and round the clock operation.

7.62 mm Remote Controlled Weapons Station - The RCWS 7.62 mm, Remote Controlled Weapon Station is fully stabilized and designed for optimal integration into various platforms with no deck penetration.

The system has a very low silhouette and fully equipped it weighs less than 150 kg. It can be loaded with 690 rounds, upgradeable to 1150, rounds, thus rendering it ideal for Armored Personnel Carriers, Armored Fighting Vehicles, Tanks, Tactical Vehicles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles. All weapon station functions - cocking, re-cocking, safe & fire, elevation and traverse - are electrically remotely controlled.


Elbit Systems, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Elbit Systems Electro-optics - Elop Ltd. (Elop), is a globally recognized multidisciplinary electro-optics systems house – incorporating the full range of related technologies and facilities in the areas of Observation and Surveillance Payloads, Space and Airborne IMINT, Lasers, Thermal Imaging, Electro-Optic Countermeasures, Head-Up Displays, Integrated Sights for Ground Forces and Homeland Security.

Micro-CoMPASS - Micro Multi-Purpose Advanced Stabilized System - An 8in extremely lightweight and compact day and night surveillance system, Micro-CoMPASS is optimised for use in a wide range of platforms. Featuring compact dimensions, low weight, high degree of stabilization and high performance sensors, Micro-CoMPASS is highly effective solution for helicopters, UAS, seaborne electro-optics surveillance systems, fire control systems and search & rescue missions. Elbit Systems recently announced the completion of successful flights of an enhanced Micro-CoMPASS payload featuring advanced capabilities onboard the Company's Hermes 90 unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

Micro-CoMPASS will be presented in the Elbit Sisteme Romania booth

CORAL-CR - Hand-held 3-5 µm FPA Thermal Imaging Camera with continuous optical zoom and the addition of an integral digital compass, GPS receiver and a laser rangefinder, CORAL-CR’s light weight, rugged construction and excellent picture quality are well suited for security and perimeter defence target acquisition missions. CORAL CR can also function as a night sight for medium range weapon systems or night binocular for light patrol boats and MBT/AFV commanders.

CORAL–CR will be presented in the Elbit Sisteme Romania booth.

LILY is a new family of lightweight Thermal Imaging Weapon Sights (TWS) designed for use by individual infantry soldiers, which provide significant advantages for operations in total darkness and in even the most difficult environmental conditions.

LILY will be presented in the Elbit Sisteme Romania booth

IVORY is a compact thermal imaging camera for remote operation applications. The systems feature continuous optical zoom, lightweight, excellent image quality and is fully remote controlled. IVORY can be easily integrated and interfaced with any vehicular platform and is ideal for border and postal surveillance, security and perimeter defence.

IVORY will be presented in the Elbit Sisteme Romania booth

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