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Personal Equipment
Glide modulation provides parachute users with unprecedented control
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 14 October, 2016
The Hi-5 parachute from Airborne Systems enables jumpers to have high accuracy and manoeuvrability even close to landing
CE marking for protective escape hoods
Personal Protective Equipment : 08 June, 2015
The Avon Protection single use portable escape hood for emergency evacuation has been CE marked
Multispectral camouflage for NATO forces
Uniforms, footware and other clothing : 02 April, 2015
Fibrotex will supply NATO security forces with multispectral camouflage for providing protection against detection in multiple spectra
Online product selector for flame resistant apparel
Uniforms, footware and other clothing : 02 April, 2015
DuPont is offering online tools to enable specifiers of flame-resistant apparel to select the correct product from a range of fibres
Respiratory protection products on show at IDEX
Personal Protective Equipment : 16 February, 2015
Avon Protection will be attending IDEX with its latest range of CBRN protective products including suits, gloves and respiratory protection products
Ergonomically designed bouyant rifle plates
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 16 February, 2015
New range of lightweight rifle plates with ergonomic design and buoyant properties provides protection against 7.62mm rifle ammunition
Buoyant rifle plate provides ballistic protection at under 1kg
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 30 January, 2015
Polyethylene hybrid composite material technology has made lightweight buoyant protection a capability with Morgan's new rifle plate
Parachute systems on display at SOFIC event
Tools, Instruments, Equipment : 19 May, 2014
Airborne Systems is displaying its latest free-fall advanced ram-air parachute at the SOFIC event in Tampa
Unattended ground sensor system
Tools, Instruments, Equipment : 12 February, 2014
Elbit Systems is launching the Treasures unattended ground sensor system for intelligence gathering and force protection
Tactical communication headsets on show at SHOT
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 17 January, 2014
Safariland is attending the SHOT event in Las Vegas this week with a range of tactical communications headsets for the defence industry
Durable waterproof fabric for military garments
Uniforms, footware and other clothing : 16 January, 2014
Gore-Tex has produced its new light and fast fabric to provide garment manufacturers with a material for use in harsh conditions
Explosion protective suit on show in US event
Uniforms, footware and other clothing : 16 January, 2014
Safariland is attending the SHOT event in Las Vegas with its TAC 6 suit and visor complex for protection against ballistic and explosive threats
Future battlefield systems on show in India
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 14 January, 2014
Elbit Systems is attending Defexpo India with its range of products and systems representing the future battlefield
Personal identification products on show at PSI trade show
Uniforms, footware and other clothing : 24 December, 2013
PDC BIG is attending the PSI trade show in Duesseldorf to present its range of ID wristbands, badges and lanyards
Military parachute systems exhibited at AUSA
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 18 October, 2013
Airborne systems has been demonstrating its range of military parachute and aerial drop systems at the AUSA 2013 event
Military parachute systems on display at DSEI
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 10 September, 2013
Airborne Systems is attending DSEI with its range of parachute systems for armed forces personnel and heavy equipment drops
Military parachutes on show at CANSEC 2013
Personal Protective Equipment : 24 May, 2013
Airborne Systems is traveling to Ottawa this month for the CANSEC show with its guided precision aerial delivery systems
Parachute training facility gains ISO 9001 certification
Personal Protective Equipment : 03 May, 2013
Airborne Systems adds to its manufacturing quality management certification for parachutes with ISO 9001:2008 being awarded to its training facility
Electro-Optic Observation system for Brazil
Binoculars, Telescopes, Night Vision : 30 April, 2013
Elbit Systems subsidiary to supply electro-optic observation systems for military use in Brazil
Saab enters multispectral camouflage partnership
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 11 April, 2013
Forca Delta joins with Saab Barracuda in the production of multispectral camouglage for the south American market
Dismounted close combat sensor research
Tools, Instruments, Equipment : 18 March, 2013
Roke Manor will conduct research into dismounted close combat sensors for infantry soldiers as part of a contract from the UK's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Combat uniforms ordered by Israeli army
Uniforms, footware and other clothing : 28 November, 2012
The Israel Defence Forces have placed a follow on order for further two-sided combat uniforms for commando units
Breathing apparatus demonstration attracts aviation experts
Personal Protective Equipment : 05 November, 2012
A group of industry experts from aviation and other sectors have taken part in demonstrations and tests of the latest generation of breathing apparatus from Draeger Safety
Compact Design for CBRN Escape Hood
Personal Protective Equipment : 25 February, 2011
Avon Protection is attending IDEX 2011 with the latest CBRN escape hood featuring compact design and low cost
Tactical Hood For Head Protection and Respiration
Personal Protective Equipment : 14 December, 2010
Avon Protection has released a new tactical hood with mask and respiratory system incorporated
CBRN Protection Suit Seal For Leak Prevention
Personal Protective Equipment : 30 November, 2010
Combined protective suit and mask integrity for CBRN suits achieved with the class 2 suit seal from Avon Protection
Light Body Armour Component Order From Marines
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 03 November, 2010
ATK has responded to an order form the Marine Corps for Scalable Plate Carrier components with soft armour ballistic protection
HULC Exoskeleton Undergoes Validation Testing
Tools, Instruments, Equipment : 01 November, 2010
The rugged robotic exoskeleton from Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control begins validation testing program
Configurable Lightweight Load Carrying Systems For US Armed Forces Personnel
Tools, Instruments, Equipment : 04 August, 2010
BAE Systems has received an order for further Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment for use by US forces personnel on active missions
Android Based Wearable Rugged Computer
Mapping and Navigation : 04 August, 2010
Itronix has released the GD300, an essential piece of kit for soldiers in the form of an arm or chest mounted rugged computer with ease of use, full functionality and access to tactical networks
Multi-Spectral Personal Concealment Order for Special Operations
Uniforms, footware and other clothing : 30 July, 2010
NATO member takes camouflage systems from Fibrotex for the protection of active service personnel through multi-spectral concealment
Research Institute Develops Smart Material For High Impact Energy Dissipation
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 30 July, 2010
IMRE from Singapore develops cornstarch based composite material for lightweight protection against high impact loads such as shrapnel and blunt impact
CE Certification Received For Multi-functional Respirator
Personal Protective Equipment : 29 July, 2010
The ST53 respiratory system from Avon Protection gains certification for use as a personal protection device for a range of threats and is particularly useful for when the type of threat is unknown
Helmet Mounted Energy Sensors Assist In Injury Analysis
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 08 July, 2010
BAE Systems is supplying the Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic System for use in conflict zones to determine extent of battle inflicted head injuries to assist in diagnosis and treatment
Reduced IR Signature Using Special Poncho for Snipers
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 06 July, 2010
The Spectro Sniper Suit from Aero Sekur provides improved protection from detection by reducing the IR signature of the wearer by as much as 95%
Night Vision Goggles To Be Supplied to Ministry of Defence
Binoculars, Telescopes, Night Vision : 21 June, 2010
The UK’s MoD has ordered head-mounted night vision systems from ITT Geospatial for use by UK forces
Paris Military Show To See New Kevlar and Nomex Ranges
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 02 June, 2010
Vehicle and body armour enhancements to be displayed by DuPont at Eurosatory in Paris with the company’s new range of Kevlar and Nomex materials
Military Emergency Sustainment Packs Now Widely Available
Tools, Instruments, Equipment : 31 May, 2010
The Ice Pack from Ashbury International bring emergency preparedness for public use in cases of emergency
Ultra Small High Resolution Displays On Show
Binoculars, Telescopes, Night Vision : 27 May, 2010
Kopin is attending the Society For Information Display Exhibition with the company’s CyberDisplay range and the Golden-i Bluetooth headset
Army Orders Further Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment
Tools, Instruments, Equipment : 11 May, 2010
Active soldiers serving overseas for the US army will receive new Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment from Eagle Industries in the newly specified MultiCam camouflage pattern
Man Wearable Direction Finding Equipment Covers Range of Frequencies
Mapping and Navigation : 10 May, 2010
The TriQuad System from Roke Manor Research enables high accuracy DF for military personnel in a frequency range from 2MHz to 3GHz
Respiratory Protection Against Biological Warfare Agents
Personal Protective Equipment : 22 April, 2010
The General Police Equipment Exhibition in Leipzig will see respiratory protection equipment from Avon Protection including chemical and biological warfare protection
Head Mount Displays Incorporate OLED Microdisplays from eMagin
Binoculars, Telescopes, Night Vision : 19 April, 2010
Liteye Systems has created two HMD Products using full colour or monochrome rugged microdisplays
Decontamination Equipment To Be Supplied Throughout the UK
Personal Protective Equipment : 19 April, 2010
Versar subsidiary wins contract for the supply of personal protective equipment and decontamination units for use by UK emergency services
Thermal Imaging Eyepiece
Binoculars, Telescopes, Night Vision : 08 April, 2010
Kopin has introduced an advanced thermal imaging eyepiece to its range of military micro display systems
Demron Multi-Hazard Protection Material Demonstration
Personal Protective Equipment : 05 April, 2010
NATO ASI event to hear presentation on the use of Demron CBRN protective fabric in lightweight, durable personal protective equipment
US Marines Take Light Weight Helmets
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 01 April, 2010
BAE Systems Land and Armaments Division will supply 120,000 lightweight helmets weighing less than 1.8kg to the US Marine Corps
Personal Light Marker For The Prevention of Friendly Fire Incidents
Personal Protective Equipment : 23 March, 2010
Infrared identification device from Meprolight can be worn on the back or mounted on the helmet to emit and identification marker to prevent the wearer from becoming a victim to friendly fire
T-11 Troop Parachute System Delivery to US Army
Armour, helmets and combat apparel : 18 March, 2010
The US Army has received its first delivery of full capacity production output of T-11 advanced parachute systems for tactical troop usage from Airborne Systems
Chemical Suits With Demron Fabric Protect NY Fire Department
Personal Protective Equipment : 15 March, 2010
New York Fire Department staff are being equipped with protective equipment made from Demron material providing full protection from CBRNE threats
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