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Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives
Collaboration Work On US Missile Defence Agency Contract
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 26 July, 2010
Lockheed Martin Space Systems is joining forces with NANA Development to work on the Ground-Based Midcourse Defence contract for the Missile Defence System
ASEAN Relationship Deal Struck At Farnborough
Ammunition, detonators, Primers : 26 July, 2010
Chemring and NADI have signed up to co-operate on ammunition supply relationship for the ASEAN region
After Half A Century, US Navy Marks First Underwater Launch of Ballistic Missile
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 21 July, 2010
A fleet ballistic missile produced by Lockheed Martin was first launched from the submerged USS George Washington submarine 50 years ago
Laser Guided Training Round Delivery Milestone
Ammunition, detonators, Primers : 07 July, 2010
Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control has delivered its 100,000th training round to the US Navy having delivered them since 1992
Man-Portable Weapon System Order For Saab
Guns, Rifles, Manual Launch Equipment : 25 June, 2010
Large order received by Swedish defence company, Saab for the Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system
Further Successful Test Flights Of Trident II Missiles
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 23 June, 2010
Lockheed Martin has performed successful flights of the Trident II D5 missiles in the Atlantic Ocean
Alaska Aerospace Joins Lockheed Martin In Bid For GMD Contract
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 21 June, 2010
Lockheed Martin Space Systems have joined forces with Alaska Aerospace in preparting for the Ground based Midcourse Defence development contract of the US Missile Defence Agency
Dual Remote Weapon Station On Show At Eurosatory
Artillery, Heavy and Other Weapons : 09 June, 2010
Equipped with 40mm grenade and 7.62mm machine guns, the Dual Remote Weapon Station from Elbit Systems provides versatility in medium sized remote controlled weaponry
Acoustic Vector Sensor Mount For Improved Placement Accuracy and Targeting
Targets, Decoys and Jamming : 09 June, 2010
The Precision Aerial Deliver of Dropsondes (PADD) from KaZaK Composites provides safe and accurate air delivery of anti-submarine warfare sensors
Detonation Chamber For Destruction of Old Munitions
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 04 June, 2010
UXB international is designing and building a static detonation chamber to be used in America for the destruction of munitions stored at Anniston
Illuminated Grenade Launcher Optical Sight
Launch Control, Laser and Sighting Equipment : 31 May, 2010
Meprolight has developed a self-illuminated sight system to provide higher accuracy when targeting light armour with 40mm grenade launchers at up to 400 metres
PAC-3 Missile Production Facility Expansion
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 28 May, 2010
Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control has opened its new Camden facility for the production of the PAC-3 Multiple Launch Rocket System
Automated Lager Calibre Magazine For Naval Guns
Artillery, Heavy and Other Weapons : 27 May, 2010
Navy destroyer program takes deliver of automatic magazines to eliminate the need for manual loading of ship based 155mm Advance Gun Systems
Military Threat Detection Sensors Enter Initial Production
Targets, Decoys and Jamming : 27 May, 2010
Textron has entered limited production of Tactical and Urban Unattended Ground Sensors for giving troops real-time actionable information on impending threats
Mortar Fire Control System Delivery to US Army
Guns, Rifles, Manual Launch Equipment : 26 May, 2010
The 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team has taken delivery of the first mortar fire control system – dismounted kits from Elbit Systems
Carl-Gustaf Weapon System Order
Guns, Rifles, Manual Launch Equipment : 25 May, 2010
Saab takes component order for the man-portable Carl-Gustaf weapon system for ground support
Raytheon To Supply Miniature Air Launched Decoys To US Air Force
Targets, Decoys and Jamming : 25 May, 2010
The MALD from Raytheon is a modular, low cost decoy flight vehicle with a range of 500 nautical miles which can be air launched
Radio Frequency Jamming Systems for the US Armed Forces
Targets, Decoys and Jamming : 06 May, 2010
The US Armed Services are gaining protection from improvised explosive devices using electronic counter measures from Emrise in the form of RCIED jamming systems
120mm Tank Training Ammunition Order
Ammunition, detonators, Primers : 05 May, 2010
ATK is delivering tank ammunition to the US Army designed and built for training exercises
Small Calibre Ammunition Order From US Army
Ammunition, detonators, Primers : 04 May, 2010
ATK to produce a range of small calibre ammunition rounds for use by the US Army in department of defence order
Further Rocket Motors Ordered For Hellfire Program
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 30 April, 2010
Lockheed Martin has ordered rocket motors and warheads from ATK to fulfil demand for further Hellfire II missiles
Further Contract for Remotely Operated Weapon Stations
Launch Control, Laser and Sighting Equipment : 30 April, 2010
US Army is continuing to purchase the Protector Remote Weapon Stations from Kongsberg for the protection of service personnel whilst operating weapon systems
Pneumatic Firing Valve Order For Small Diameter Bomb
Ammunition, detonators, Primers : 29 April, 2010
US Air Force orders further high pressure pneumatic firing valves from Marotta Controls for the Small Diameter Bomb
Remote Weapon Stations To Be Supplied to US Army
Launch Control, Laser and Sighting Equipment : 19 April, 2010
The CROWS II Remote Weapon Station is being supplied for use by land forces as part of US Army order on Kongsberg
Korean FA-50 Aircraft to be equipped with Sensor Fuzed Weapons
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 08 April, 2010
Weapon system from Textron for South Korea’s FA-50 fleet will be equipped with self-destruct and self-neutralisation facilities for lost target and ground fall incidents
Joint Ammunition Marker Development
Ammunition, detonators, Primers : 07 April, 2010
Chemiluminescent green marker from Cyalume to be used by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems for ammunition payload illumination and marking
Successful Cold Temperature Rocket Motor Firings
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 07 April, 2010
Aerojet and Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control have completed full temperature range testing on the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile program
Successful 2008 Errant Satellite Destruction Recognised in Award
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 06 April, 2010
Lockheed Martin team gains Ronald Reagan Award for the successful destruction of an out-of control satellite during 2008
Demilitarisation Clean-Up Task At Army Training Centre
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 05 April, 2010
Versar to clear explosives and munitions at Fort Irwin National Training Centre in demilitarisation clean-up exercise
Dragon Runner Robot Gains Durability Accolade in the Guinness World Records
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 01 April, 2010
QinetiQ’s IED robot, the Dragon Runner features in the Guinness World Records 2010 as the most durable military robot
Seeker System for Air-to-Ground Missile Completes Testing
Launch Control, Laser and Sighting Equipment : 01 April, 2010
Multi-mode seeker from Lockheed Martin employs infrared imaging, millimetre wave radar and laser technology for accurate deliver of the Joint Air-to-Ground missile
Intercept Testing Successfully Completed on PAC-3 Missile
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 01 April, 2010
Improved range and altitude as well as increased performance characterise the PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement program from Lockheed Martin after the conclusion of successful intercept testing
Modular Robot For EOD, CBRNE Sampling, Reconnaissance or Laboratory Use
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 29 March, 2010
The Cameleon robot from CSIP is an adaptable unmanned ground vehicle of modular construction enabling it to be used in a variety of field applications including bomb disposal work and unmanned reconnaissance
US Army Order For Remote Controlled Weapons Systems
Launch Control, Laser and Sighting Equipment : 26 March, 2010
Kongsberg is supplying the CROWS II remote weapons stations to enable troops to operate weapon systems from with Stryker armoured vehicles
Asian Order For Electronic Warfare Systems
Targets, Decoys and Jamming : 25 March, 2010
Elbit will supply airborne and ground based electronic warfare systems during the next three years to a customer based in Asia
Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Systems on Show at FIDAE 2010
Automated Weaponry, Detection Equipment : 24 March, 2010
Elisra will be attending FIDAE at the Elbit Systems stand with its range of airborne and naval intelligence systems for missile warnings
Unexploded Bomb Clean-up Company Acquisition
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 22 March, 2010
Versar has bought out Advent Environment, adding the company’s environmental and unexploded bomb clean up services to its portfolio
Successful Ship Trials for Aegis Weapon System
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 12 March, 2010
US and Spanish Navy testing of ship-board Aegis Combat Systems has been successfully completed
Job Losses at Saab Bofors Dynamics
Artillery, Heavy and Other Weapons : 09 March, 2010
The KarlsKoga plant of Saab Bofors Dynamics is shedding 70 jobs due to a fall in orders
Award for Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod
Launch Control, Laser and Sighting Equipment : 04 March, 2010
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control and the US Air Force have been presented with the William Perry award for the advanced targeting pod program
Cobham and BAE Systems Cooperate on US Navy Jammer System
Targets, Decoys and Jamming : 24 February, 2010
New jamming systems to be developed for use on US Navy Prowler and Growler aircraft against enemy radars
UK Apache Helicopter Support from Longbow FCR Systems
Launch Control, Laser and Sighting Equipment : 23 February, 2010
AgustaWestland Order on Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman joint venture will support UK Apache Attack Helicopters
100kW Exceeded in Directed Energy Weapon Project
Artillery, Heavy and Other Weapons : 22 February, 2010
Joint High-Power Solid State Laser laboratory demonstration of directed energy weapon from Textron Defense achieves over 100 kilowatts of average power levels
PackBot Bomb Investigation Robot Deliveries Reach 3000
Explosive Ordnance Disposal : 18 February, 2010
iRobot reaches delivery landmark with the 3000th PackBot for the safe handling and disposal of explosive devices by military personnel or the emergency services
Test Program Completed on Laser Guided Bombs
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 18 February, 2010
The Paveway II Plus laser guided bomb qualification program is now complete after successful testing phase
Missile Systems from ATK on show at DEFEXPO 2010
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 15 February, 2010
Alliant Techsystems is in New Delhi this week displaying innovative weapons systems, troop protection devices and laser guidance systems
THAAD Weapon System Implementation at Fort Bliss
Artillery, Heavy and Other Weapons : 15 February, 2010
Lockheed Martin has successfully activation a second battery of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence weapon system at the US Army’s Texan Fort Bliss facility
Laser Weapon Successfully Aimed at Target from Onboard Boeing 747
Launch Control, Laser and Sighting Equipment : 15 February, 2010
Joint project between Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin Space Systems results in successful test destruction of ballistic missile from laser beam weapon mounted aboard a Boeing 747-400F
Marines test APKWS from BAE Systems
Rockets, Guided Missiles, Torpedoes and Components : 11 February, 2010
The Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System has undergone successful trials with Marine Aviators with the laser-guided weapon fully meeting their requirements
Reflex Weapon Sight with laser designators available from Meprolight
Launch Control, Laser and Sighting Equipment : 28 January, 2010
Passive sighting, active reflex sighting and the use of dual laser pointers make up combined abilities of the Mepro Mor weapons sight released by Meprolight
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