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Space and Satellite
Commercial communication satellite for mobile broadband
Communication Satellites : 28 December, 2009
Orbital and Thales will be working on a geosynchronous satellite for mobile communications for OverHorizon based on new contract for delivery in 2012
Military Communications Satellite Equipment Order
Subsystems and Components : 24 December, 2009
Com Dev has received an order for providing electrical components and ancillary equipment of us in a military satellite
Further Satellite electronics orders for Sypris
Subsystems and Components : 24 December, 2009
Sypris Electronics is continuing its expansion into the space communications field with further orders for manufacturing satellite electronic components
Iridium satellite network assists in tracking whales
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 23 December, 2009
A satellite data system using Iridium communications network is helping to prevent accidents involving seagoing vessels and whales
Com Dev to supply switches for broadband satellite
Subsystems and Components : 23 December, 2009
Increased demand for broadband and HDTV drives requirement for additional satellite which will contain waveguides and coaxial switches from Com Dev
HYLAS 2 satellite to be supplied to Avanti Communications
Communication Satellites : 23 December, 2009
Avanti order geosynchronous communication satellite from Orbital for high speed commercial data delivery from 2012
Orbital to build the Intelsat 23 communication satellite
Communication Satellites : 21 December, 2009
Latest STAR satellite ordered by Intelsat to become the 10th such orbiting spacecraft built by Orbital Sciences
Radiation hardened computer flies aboard NASA WISE satellite
Subsystems and Components : 21 December, 2009
NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer satellite is charting an infrared map of the universe with the help of a RAD750 computer from BAE Systems
DARPA engages Orbital Sciences on the System F6 satellite project
Space research and development : 21 December, 2009
Contract for the development of Fractionated Spacecraft Architecture to be used on the System F6 spacecraft goes to Orbital Sciences
Lynx Subortibal vehicle chosen for Korean space centre
Launchers and Boosters : 18 December, 2009
The Mark II Lynx from XCOR Aerospace is intended to be wet-leased to the South Korean Yecheon Astro Space Centre after US Government export approvals have been issued
Solar Ultraviolet Imager reaches design review milestone
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 18 December, 2009
The Lockheed Martin designed SUVI for a NASA environmental satellite has passed its critical design review enabling the project to pass to the fabrication stage
Successful test of Launch Abort System Attitude Control Motor
Propulsion : 17 December, 2009
NASA’s Orion Spacecraft will benefit from the attitude control motor recently tested by Alliant Techsystems for the Launch Abort Control system of the manned space vehicle
Software modem development contract awarded to RT Logic
Communication Satellites : 17 December, 2009
Under a contract signed with Iridium, RT Logic will develop a software defined modem for feeder link terminals to be used for ground station network
Danish Maritime Administration trials Automatic Identification System
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 17 December, 2009
The Space AIS from exactEarth will be used in a trial by the Danish Maritime Safety Administration for risk assessment, navigation planning, ship tracking, search and rescue
Marine Satellite communication system wins support of commercial fishing companies
Communication Satellites : 16 December, 2009
Iridium OpenPort enables commercial fishing fleets to stay in touch with continuous high bandwidth e-mail transmission service by satellite
Miniature harnesses to be on board July Shuttle launch
Subsystems and Components : 15 December, 2009
Tekdata has supplied custom flight harnesses for a Mass Spectrometer to be used on board the International Space Station for high energy particle measurements
WISE satellite launch success with ATK Propulsion
Propulsion : 15 December, 2009
Solid rocket boosters from Alliant Techsystems powered a Delta II rocket carrying the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base during a successful launch
IC order for Trident II missile program
Subsystems and Components : 15 December, 2009
The Advanced Information Systems division of General Dynamics will supply the US Navy with integrated circuits in support of the submarine launched Trident II ballistic missile program
Motor for Taurus II program completes successful ground test
Propulsion : 14 December, 2009
The Castor 30 solid fuel motor from ATK for use in Orbital Sciences’ Taurus II launch vehicle has been test fired in a vacuum chamber at the AEDC as part of the preparations for the first launch using this motor scheduled for 2011
Upper stage rocket motor for NASA launch vehicles completes ground testing
Propulsion : 11 December, 2009
The Castor 30 solid rocket motor from Alliant Techsystems has undergone ground tests at Air Force base in Tennessee in preparation for use in both commercial missions to the ISS and government space missions
WISE mission to launch with Lockheed Martin Cryostat
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 10 December, 2009
The long awaited Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer mission is due to launch tomorrow with a dual stage cryostat on board produced by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto
LDCM spacecraft passes NASA design review
Space research and development : 09 December, 2009
Design review conducted by General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems for the Landsat Data Coninuity Mission spacecraft which is due to launch at the end of 2012
MV Fraternity takes Iridium ship to shore communications
Communication Satellites : 08 December, 2009
High bandwidth maritime satellite communications terminal in use aboard the 159,000 ton Euronav tanker MV Fraternity
Successful satellite launch with ATK support
Propulsion : 08 December, 2009
Delta IV rocket using Graphite Epoxy Motors from Alliant Techsystems successfully launches from Cape Canaveral
ISS Astronauts undergo Dragon training at Spacex HQ
Space research and development : 07 December, 2009
A group of NASA astronauts have visited SpaceX headquarters for training on rendezvous and berthing procedures for the Dragon Spacecraft in preparation for ISS mission
Intelsat 15 satellite successfully launches from Baikonur
Communication Satellites : 03 December, 2009
The Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan saw the lift-off of the Obital Sciences built Intelsat 15 communications satellite on Monday
Satellite personal tracking alliance established
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 03 December, 2009
The Promotion of Two-way Emergency Communication and Tracking Systems Alliance has been established for the development of satellite based tracking and messaging system standards
Missile Warning Satellite successfully completes thermal vacuum testing
Defence Satellites : 02 December, 2009
The US Air Force and Lockheed Martin have completed environmental tests of the SBIRS satellite for missile warning
Fourth quarter results announced for Com Dev
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 01 December, 2009
Disappointing performance on government programs had adverse affect on Com Dev quarterly results but annual growth still expected to be registered
Experienced space industry leader takes the helm of Com Dev Canada
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 01 December, 2009
The new President at Com Dev Canada has led a career extending to the creation of Com Dev USA and a spell at both Marconi Space Systems and the UK Atomic Energy Authority
Ontario invests in micro-satellite technology
Space research and development : 30 November, 2009
Com Dev to benefit from part of Southern Ontario’s investment plans to develop micro-satellite systems technology in the region
Intelsat launch using Atlas V booster
Launchers and Boosters : 24 November, 2009
Cape Canaveral has witnessed the successful launch of an Intelsat payload on board a United Launch Alliance Atlas V booster
The AIA lobbies US Government on space program funding
Space research and development : 23 November, 2009
The Vice President of the Aerospace Industries Association has made testimony to the Space and Aeronautics subcommittee calling for additional funding to bolster the US space program
Hosted Payload Initiative for remote sensing
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 20 November, 2009
Technical studies by Iridium reveal feasibility of providing hosted remote sensing and earth observation payloads using Iridium Next
exactEarth completes first operational mission
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 08 October, 2009
Satellite AIS technology helps Canadian Government in monitoring illegal unregulated unreported fishing
Lockheed Martin Meteorological Satellite Program
Defence Satellites : 08 October, 2009
The Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F-18 Block 5D-3 spacecraft, built under contract for the U.S. Air Force by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), is undergoing final preparation for a launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. on October 18, 2009.
Iridium system to be used by Antarctic cruise ships
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 06 October, 2009
The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) has approved a resolution requiring members’ passenger ships to be fitted with satellite tracking devices based on Iridium (Iridium Communications Inc.) (NASDAQ: IRDM). The devices will report ships’ positions at least once per hour when cruising in Antarctic waters.
Vizada develops mobile satellite communications system for French Air Force
Defence Satellites : 14 September, 2009
Vizada has developed a mobile satellite communications system based on the Inmarsat BGAN* service for French Air Force Rafale fighter planes. The system is used to support personnel on the ground charged with promoting the fighter jet to foreign states, including a recent mission in the United Arab Emirates.
New military communications satellite begins final round of testing
Defence Satellites : 11 September, 2009
The first Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) military communications satellite built by Lockheed Martin for the U.S. Air Force has entered final testing at the company's Sunnyvale, Calif. facilities.
Lockheed Martin-built GPS satellite begins operations for users worldwide
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 04 September, 2009
The last in a series of eight modernized Global Positioning System IIR (GPS IIR-M) satellites built by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has been declared operational by the U.S. Air Force for military and civilian navigation users around the globe.
Thuraya targets military customers at DSEI 2009
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 03 September, 2009
With many solutions and products aimed at the military and security sector, Thuraya will be a major exhibitor at a key London defence show next week. The world leading mobile satellite operator will be showcasing several specialised products at the Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEi 2009) jointly with Speakerbus, a UK based firm specialising in mission-critical voice systems.
USSTRATCOM certification on second SBIRS HEO system
Defence Satellites : 26 August, 2009
Lockheed Martin has announced that the second Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO-2) payload and associated ground systems have been certified for missile warning operations by U.S. Strategic Command.
Iridium to provide communications service along Canadian Trans-Labrador highway
Communication Satellites : 25 August, 2009
The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is establishing an Iridium Satellite LLC (Iridium)-based satellite phone service for motorists on the Trans-Labrador Highway. Roadpost of Mississauga, Ontario is supplying Iridium 9555 satellite phones and services through its dealer Newfound Mobility Solutions.
Lockheed Martin - The JCSAT-12 communications satellite
Communication Satellites : 19 August, 2009
The JCSAT-12 communications satellite, designed and built by Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] for SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (SKY Perfect JSAT) of Japan, is ready for its scheduled launch on Aug. 21 aboard an Ariane 5-ECA launch vehicle provided by Arianespace. The launch window opens at 6:09 p.m. EDT and closes at 7:09 p.m. EDT
Vizada - renewed partnersip with T?l?coms Sans Fronti?res (TSF)
Communication Satellites : 07 August, 2009
Vizada has renewed its partnership with TSF for the supply of mobile satellite services. TSF, the leading international non-governmental organization specialized in emergency telecommunications following conflict or natural disaster, has relied on Vizada’s MSS services since its foundation in 1998.
U.S. Air Force accepts second Lockheed Martin SBIRS HEO system for operations
Defence Satellites : 27 July, 2009
The Lockheed Martin -led team developing the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) announced today that the second Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO-2) payload and ground system modifications have been accepted for operations by the U.S. Air Force, paving the way for U.S. Strategic Command's formal certification of the HEO-2 system next month.
XCOR Aerospace tests Lynx aerodynamic design in USAF wind tunnel
Launchers and Boosters : 24 July, 2009
XCOR Aerospace, Inc., announced today that it has finished a series of wind tunnel tests of the aerodynamic design of its Lynx suborbital launch vehicle. The tests took place at the U.S. Air Force test facility located at Wright-Patterson Air Base near Dayton, OH, using an all-metal 1/16th scale model of the Lynx.
Boeing and Iridium complete high integrity GPS program milestones
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 23 July, 2009
Iridium Satellite LLC announces that, in conjunction with Boeing, the companies have achieved two major milestones to further develop and demonstrate capability enhancements to the High Integrity Global Positioning System (GPS) program for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.
Iridium / Boeing High Intensity GPS Program
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 23 July, 2009
Iridium Satellite LLC (Iridium) announces that, in conjunction with Boeing (NYSE: BA), the companies have achieved two major milestones to further develop and demonstrate capability enhancements to the High Integrity Global Positioning System (GPS) program for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.
Shuttle Endeavour Solid Rocket Titanium Auxiliary Power Unit Fuel Tanks
Propulsion : 16 July, 2009
Alliant Techsystems' Reusable Solid Rocket Motors (RSRM) ignited at 6:03 p.m. EDT, launching the Space Shuttle Endeavour and its crew on their 16-day mission to the International Space Station (ISS). More than 100 RSRM flight sets have been launched to date, marking a two-decade track record of flawless performance.
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