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Space and Satellite
EchoStar XIV Leaves Baikonur Abord ILS Proton Breeze M in Successful Launch
Launchers and Boosters : 23 March, 2010
Pay-TV satellite successfully launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in central Kazakhstan using a Proton Breeze M launch rocket from International Launch Services
Successful Test of Orion Launch Abort Attitude Control Motor
Propulsion : 22 March, 2010
ATK has tested the attitude control motor for the launch abort system of the Orion exploration vehicle for crew safety
Orbital Sciences Chooses EMS For Commercial Satellite Electronics Components
Subsystems and Components : 22 March, 2010
EMS Technologies to supply Low Noise Amplifier assemblies for Orbital Sciences built commercial communications satellite
Nimiq 6 To Launch on ILS Proton Vehicle in 2012
Launchers and Boosters : 19 March, 2010
Commercial satellite from Telesat scheduled to launch in 2012 aboard Khrunichev built heavy lift Proton launch vehicle from International Launch Services
KA-SAT Receives Broadband Communications Module
Communication Satellites : 19 March, 2010
Eutelsat’s KA-SAT communications satellite has received the high-speed broadband communications module to bring broadband to rural UK after its launch at the end of 2010
Airgas and XCOR Reach Agreement On Supply Of Gases For Propulsion Systems
Propulsion : 18 March, 2010
Under new supply agreement, manufacturer of re-usable suborbital spacecraft will take liquid oxygen, nitrogen and helium from Airgas for use in the company’s non-toxic propulsion systems
Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle to Transport SS/L Satellite into Orbit
Launchers and Boosters : 17 March, 2010
Space Systems/Loral has booked passage for a commercial satellite into orbit aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 vehicle for 2012 to depart from Cape Canaveral
Passive Microwave Equipment for Commercial Communications Satellites
Subsystems and Components : 17 March, 2010
EADS Astrium has selected Com Dev to supply switches, multiplexers and filters for use on commercial broadband satellites to be supplied for the European and African markets
Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite System Build Contract
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 15 March, 2010
Space Systems division of Lockheed Martin to build the GeoEye-2 earth imaging satellite system featuring high resolution camera and map-accurate imaging
ATK Re-structures to Maintain Alignment With Market Sectors
Launchers and Boosters : 15 March, 2010
Business Units at ATK undergo re-alignment with some change in leadership to meet the long term growth prospects of the company
Satellite Based Asset Tracking Partnership Formed
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 11 March, 2010
Iridium and SkyBitz have formed a partnership for the development and distribution of two-way remote asset tracking and monitoring system through the integration technology from the two companies
Commercial Satellite Component Orders for Com Dev
Subsystems and Components : 08 March, 2010
Satellite Sub-systems manufacturer, Com Dev, receives authority to proceed for electronic components on commercial satellites
Orbital Agrees to Acquire General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
Defence Satellites : 08 March, 2010
Defence and Advanced Scientific Satellite manufacturer reaches agreement on purchase of satellite division of General Dynamics, adding to the company’s capabilities in the defence and weather satellite markets
Shuttle External Fuel Tanks Ready for Final Assembly
Subsystems and Components : 04 March, 2010
Mechanical Splicing Work has been completed to bring the Liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen tanks together for use on the ET-138 Shuttle scheduled for take-off in September
Communications Satellite Hardware Subsystem Order
Subsystems and Components : 03 March, 2010
Com Dev International will supply filters, multiplexers and switches to a commercial communications satellite manufacturer for delivery during 2011
5 Metre Heat Shield Construction for Orion Space Craft
Subsystems and Components : 02 March, 2010
Lockheed Martin and it’s partners have developed new high temperature materials for a large heat shield structure affording improved crew protection on the Orion exploration vehicle
Aerospace Veteran Joins ATK Board of Directors
Launchers and Boosters : 02 March, 2010
Alliant Techsystems welcomes experienced business leader as an independent director on the company’s board
SXI X-Ray Imager Instrument Ready For Launch
Subsystems and Components : 02 March, 2010
Instrument designed by Lockheed Martin for use on weather satellite to measure the affect of solar rays on weather systems has been made ready for launch from Cape Canaveral
Military Communications Satellite Still Functional After 10 Years in Orbit
Defence Satellites : 01 March, 2010
Air Force Communication System using Lockheed Martin satellite continues to provide communications capabilities to the troops after a decade of active service
ITT Chosen For Component Supplies on Military GPS Payload
Subsystems and Components : 01 March, 2010
The US Air Force chooses ITT Corporation to work with Raytheon on delivering parts and services for building global positioning satellite to be used for navigation and positioning systems
AJ26 Pathfinder Launch Engine Test To Begin at Stennis Space Centre
Propulsion : 26 February, 2010
Orbital and Aerojet are beginning testing of the AJ26 liquid fuelled rocket engine to be used as the first stage propulsion unit for the Taurus II launch vehicle
Successful Ground Test For Re-Usable Solid Rocket Motor
Propulsion : 26 February, 2010
The ATK Utah facility has been used for final ground testing of the Re-Usable Solid Rocket Motor for use on the remaining Space Shuttle program
Successful Suborbital Researchers Conference for SwRI
Space research and development : 23 February, 2010
Researchers, vehicle providers and funding agency representatives joined for the next generation suborbital researchers conference with over 250 attendees
SwRI Funding Payload Experiments on Suborbital Vehicles
Space research and development : 22 February, 2010
Microgravity and space astronomy experiments planned to be carried out by payload specialists at the Southwest Research Institute on future suborbital vehicle flights
High Radiation Hardened Space Computers Take Flight on NASA Solar Satellite
Subsystems and Components : 19 February, 2010
The Solar Dynamics Observatory has RAD750 and RAD6000 computers on board from BAE Systems Electronics and Integrated Solutions to perform high throughput data processing tasks in a solar environments with high levels of radiation
Stardust-NexT Spacecraft Manoeuvres in Preparation for 2011 Contact with Tempel 1 Comet
Space research and development : 19 February, 2010
After 4000 days of flight, Lockheed Martin-built Stardust robust spacecraft still on target for its next mission objective of encountering Tempel 1 comet on Saint Valentine’s day in 2011
ORS-1 Satellite Bus Enters Final Testing Prior to Shipment
Subsystems and Components : 18 February, 2010
The Operational Responsive Space-1 satellite bus from ATK is preparing for shipment to Goodrich for final payload integration and final use in satellite based battlefield sensor applications
Space Based Early Warning System Test Milestone Reached
Defence Satellites : 17 February, 2010
The second space based infrared system satellite from Lockheed Martin Space Systems has undergone integrated testing to verify its capabilities for detecting missile launches
Falcon 9 Hardware Arrives In Time for Cape Canaveral Launch
Launch Facilities : 15 February, 2010
SpaceX is now integrating the flight hardware for the Falcon 9 launch vehicle at Cape Canaveral in Florida in preparation for the launch of the 47 meter rocket
ILS Proton Launcher Successfully Lifts Intelsat 16 Satellite
Launchers and Boosters : 15 February, 2010
A Khrunichev Built launch vehicle has successfully lifted an Intelsat 16 satellite from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan
NASA Small Business Award goes to Applied Geo Technologies
Subsystems and Components : 15 February, 2010
Registered Disadvantaged Business receives prestigious award from NASA for quality and performance in supplying laboratory services
ILS and Khrunichev to launch Kazsat-2 in 2011 with SES-3
Launchers and Boosters : 15 February, 2010
The joint launch of the SES-3 Satellite with Kazakhstan’s next telecommunications satellite, Kazsat-2, will take place in 2011 using the Khrunichev heavy lift Proton launcher
Intelsat 16 satellite successfully launches to begin in-orbit testing
Communication Satellites : 15 February, 2010
Orbital Sciences built Intelsat communications satellite lifts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Central Kazakhstan aboard an ILS Proton rocket launcher
Lockheed Martin Instrumentation takes off aboard Atlas V Rocket
Space research and development : 12 February, 2010
The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly including sensors built at Lockheed Martin Space Systems will examine the solar corona on a mission launched on Thursday
Launch Services Contract for Spaceport Partnership
Launch Facilities : 12 February, 2010
ITT and California Commercial Spaceport alliance to provide launch services for US Air Force Space and Missile systems at Vandenberg Air Force Base
GEM Thin Film Technology Research Grant Awarded By NASA
Space research and development : 11 February, 2010
Arradiance has received an SBIR Grant from NASA for the development of sensor and imaging detectors for improved space imaging applications
Hughes to supply ANC for Iridium NEXT Program
Communication Satellites : 09 February, 2010
The Access Network Controller for Iridium’s new satellite program will be supplied by Hughes Network Systems for the ground radio control network
Satellite Tracking Industry Group Concludes First Meeting
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 05 February, 2010
The ProTECTS Alliance holds inaugural meeting on personal satellite tracking system standards at the Iridium partner conference
Solar instruments from Lockheed Martin await use on board Atlas V
Subsystems and Components : 04 February, 2010
The mission to study weather systems in the heliosphere aboard Atlas V includes the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly containing solar instruments from the laboratories of Lockheed Martin Space Systems for examining the solar corona
Orion Cancellation Proposal Condemned by Lockheed Martin
Space research and development : 04 February, 2010
NASA Proposed Budget Cuts involving the Cancellation of Project Orion wastes significant investment already made and leaves gap in space program after the shuttle
Ground-Based Midcourse Defence Division Gains new VP
Defence Satellites : 04 February, 2010
Experienced professional involved in missile defence systems takes Vice President Position in Lockheed Martin Space Systems in charge of Ground-Based Midcourse Defence (GMD)
Microfluid research work for space based biology experiments
Space research and development : 27 January, 2010
Raydiance is working with the Ames Research Centre to develop Microfluidics technology based on Smart Light Ultrafast laser for use on the International Space Station for research into Biology
Re-branding for global satellite fleet
Subsystems and Components : 26 January, 2010
North American fleet of satellites currently under construction by Orbital Sciences to be re-branded SES World Skies
Operational Capability for Space Vehicle Integration Laboratory
Space research and development : 26 January, 2010
Plug and Play Architecture comes alive in the Space Industry with the achievement of operational capability of Lockheed Martin’s SVIL facility
MUOS Satellite mated with propulsion system
Propulsion : 21 January, 2010
Military communication satellite module now fitted with propulsion system for positioning to final orbit location as well as subsequent on-orbit re-positioning
Launch support test achieved on SBIRS program
Defence Satellites : 15 January, 2010
Lockheed Martin Space Systems and the US Air Force have achieved a key testing program on the Space-Based Infrared System GEO-1 satellite for infrared surveillance and battlespace awareness
Technology service expert joins Com Dev Board
Subsystems and Components : 15 January, 2010
The Board of Directors at space subsystems manufacturer Com Dev has welcomed a new member with experience in Technology Service Provision and Public Sector Relations
Space and Intelligence Unit gains new VP
Observation, mapping and positioning satellites : 13 January, 2010
Experienced Air Force employee recruited by ManTech International to head the company’s Space and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Services division
NASA gains IT support from Primus for Goddard Space Flight Centre
Launch Facilities : 12 January, 2010
Primus Solutions will provide NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre with IT management, system administration and application development under five-year contract
DIRECTV 12 satellite successfully launched from Baikonur
Communication Satellites : 31 December, 2009
The Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan has seen the successful launch of the latest DIRECTV satellite using an ILS Proton launch vehicle
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