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Military Aviation
MQ-9 Reaper UAV Exhibit opens at Air Force Museum
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 28 January, 2010
The National Museum of the US Air Force has opened an exhibit devoted to the remotely piloted MQ-9 Reaper vehicle used for strike and reconnaissance missions
RAF Pilot Takes JSF Lightning F-35 On Flight over Patuxent River
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 28 January, 2010
British Armed Forces take first flight in Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft as Royal Air Force Pilot flies BF-2 on the Lightning II’s 18th Mission in the skies over Maryland
AW119Ke Helicopter to Perform Border Security Duties in Finland
Helicopter and VTOL Aircraft : 25 January, 2010
The Finnish Border Guard has chosen AgustaWestland’s Single-engined AW119Ke helicopter to join it’s three existing units to perform harsh weather patrol duties on the border between Finland and Russia
Fuel injection improves performance of unmanned aerial system engines
Launch mechanisms, propulsion, engines : 25 January, 2010
Insitu’s heavy fuel engine now has the ability to be fitted with electronic fuel injection to provide field upgrades enabling performance improvements in existing UAS fleets
Advanced Boresight Equipment For Dutch Military Helicopters
Maintenance, Refurbishment and refitting : 21 January, 2010
The Royal Netherlands Air Force will use weapon and sight harmonisation equipment from AAI on its fleet of Apache Longbow and Chinook helicopters
Coyote UAS to assist in understanding the environment
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 20 January, 2010
The NOAA and BAE have finished the first test of the Coyote unmanned aerial system to be used in environmental testing and analysis
Workforce Cuts at Saab?s Link?ping Facility
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 20 January, 2010
Saab is reducing its workforce at it’s Linköping manufacturing location by 115 workers after disappointing market conditions during the last two years
French Forces to Take Troop Parachutes from Airborne Systems
Safety, Escape and Recovery Systems : 20 January, 2010
Airborne Systems to supply non-steerable parachutes for use by French airborne forces during mass drops and replacing existing parachutes which have been in use for over 20 years
Kuwait military aviation maintenance order awarded to DynCorp
Maintenance, Refurbishment and refitting : 20 January, 2010
DynCorp will provide maintenance services to the Kuwait Air Force for their F/A-18 fleet under US Navy contract
Aerosonde UAS to make demonstration flight at Bahrain Airshow
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 18 January, 2010
The Bahrain International Airshow this month will see the first public flight of the Mark 4.7 Aerosonde Small Unmanned Aircraft System including automatic launch and recovery operations
23 year-old C-5 Galaxy enters refurbishment facility
Maintenance, Refurbishment and refitting : 18 January, 2010
A C-5 Galaxy aircraft has been received at the Lockheed Martin Marietta facility to undergo reliability enhancement and to have new engines fitted for improved power as part of the RERP Modernisation Program
Maritime surveillance aircraft delivery for Pakistan
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 15 January, 2010
Jacksonville Air Station has taken delivery of two out of 7 P-3C aircraft from Lockheed Martin for onward delivery to Pakistan to support the country’s maritime surveillance requirements
Aerosonde SUAS undergoes shipboard trials
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 15 January, 2010
The Mark 4.7 Aerosonde small Unmanned Aerial System from AAI has completed maritime test bed trials for flight operations at sea
Singapore Air Show features multi-media spectacular display from Elbit Systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 14 January, 2010
From Unmanned Aerial Systems to training and simulation systems, the whole range of Elbit Systems products will be presented either live or through multimedia showcasing at the Singapore Air Show in February
Marines order Helmet Display and Tracker System for helicopter pilots
Pilot Aids, HUD and Guidance Systems : 14 January, 2010
Helmet kits for use in the AH-1W attack helicopters owned by the US Marine Corps to be equipped with Display and Tracker System enabling pilots to maintain high levels of situational awareness in all conditions
Canada?s First C-130J Hercules leaves the paint shop
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 14 January, 2010
The first high reliability Super Hercules C-130J variant has left the painting facility on the next step to reaching Canada
Anti-spall windshields delivered for P-8A Poseidon
Airframes, Sub-assemblies : 14 January, 2010
The Poseidon military maritime aircraft from Boeing will be fitted with GKN Aerospace windshields with anti-spalling technology to protect cockpit crew during bird strikes
VAAC Harrier team picks up Gold Medal award from the RAS
Helicopter and VTOL Aircraft : 12 January, 2010
The team from QinetiQ that worked on the Vectored-thrust Aircraft Advanced Control Harrier have been recognised by the Royal Aeronautical Society with a Team Gold Medal
C-5 modernisation program to be continued through additional funding
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 12 January, 2010
The C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft for strategic airlifts will benefit from improved reliability and new engines in program for which Lockheed Martin has now received ongoing funding support
Development contract for solid oxide fuel cell manufacturing
Launch mechanisms, propulsion, engines : 06 January, 2010
The Air Force Research Laboratory is working with Optomec on upgrading fuel cell production facility for Wright-Patterson
Shadow UAS and Ground stations ordered by US Army
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 05 January, 2010
AAI will deliver a further three Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems to the US Army and Marines including portable ground station for intelligence gathering and communication relay
Fourth British Army Lynx Helicopter delivered ahead of schedule
Helicopter and VTOL Aircraft : 24 December, 2009
Just 1 year after receiving the order, AgustaWestland has delivered the fourth Mk9A Lynx helicopter to the British Army
Gripen support extended for Sweden
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 24 December, 2009
Swedish Defence has signed an order for continuous support from Saab of the Gripen lightweight multi-role fighter aircraft
AW139 Maritime Patrol Helicopter for Korean Coast Guard
Helicopter and VTOL Aircraft : 23 December, 2009
Korean Government places order on AgustaWestland for an AW139 helicopter configured for Maritime Patrol duties
Mirach aerial target comes into service
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 23 December, 2009
Under the MOD’s Combined Aerial Target Service, QinetiQ has commissioned the Mirach sub-sonic target for providing training to all the main military services
AV Digital Data Link Upgrade kits for analogue Ravens
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 23 December, 2009
Analogue Raven unmanned aerial systems belonging to the US Army and Marines to be upgraded to digital systems in order placed on AeroVironment
The UK Approves Purchase of F-35B Lightning II
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 23 December, 2009
The British Government has committed to the Operational Test and Evaluation exercise of the Joint Strike Fighter program by providing financial approval for the purchase of an F-35B Lightning II stealth fighter for operational testing
Aerosonde UAV supports Army troop preparation exercise
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 23 December, 2009
Air assault exercise takes place with the help of an Aerosonde Mark 4 unmanned vehicle for preparing military personnel for overseas missions
Continued US support for F136 engine welcomed by Rolls-Royce
Launch mechanisms, propulsion, engines : 23 December, 2009
Funding for the F136 engine will continue, providing competition for the Joint Strike Fighter propulsion program
Airborne surveillance electronics company acquired by Curtiss-Wright
Pilot Aids, HUD and Guidance Systems : 22 December, 2009
Curtiss-Wright acquires technology for video display and recording on aircraft used for airborne surveillance with the acquisition of Skyquest
F-35 Manufacturing facility hosts US Navy Secretary
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 22 December, 2009
Senior US Government Official visits Lockheed Martin facility to witness progress on the short take-off and vertical landing F-35B test aircraft prior to deliver to the Navy’s Patuxent River facility for trials
Bulgarian Border Police to use AW139 helicopters
Helicopter and VTOL Aircraft : 22 December, 2009
AgustaWestland will supply an AW139 helicopter equipped with Ground Proximity Warning System to Bulgaria for use by the country’s border police
TRL 7 readiness achieved by UAS command and control software
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 21 December, 2009
On-the-move command and control software for operating unmanned aircraft systems gains technology readiness level during demonstration exercise
Spare parts order for Swedish Gripens
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 21 December, 2009
The Defence Materiel Administration of Sweden has ordered further line replacement units for its Saab Gripen aircraft fleet
Bandit Digital Data Link succeeds in UAV flight test
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 21 December, 2009
The Integrator Unmanned Aircraft System has flight tested the Bandit digital data link from L-3 Communications Systems – West in trials to supply ground forces with real-time data streams
Camcopter UAV demonstration for US Army
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 17 December, 2009
Boeing and Schiebel have demonstrated the capabilities of the Camcopter S-100 unmanned aerial system at North Carolina for psychological operation missions
Flight management system from GE Aviation undergoes successful test in UAS flight
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 17 December, 2009
A test flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle has been successfully performed with a GE Flight Management System on board
The Shadow UAV performs successful proof of concept flight
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 17 December, 2009
AAI Corporation’s Shadow Unmanned Aerial Vehicle has undergone a flight demonstration for the US Army using GE Aviation flight management system
Hermes 900 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle completes maiden flight
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 15 December, 2009
With higher altitude and payload capabilities, the Hermes 900 UAV from Elbit builds on the success of its predecessor, the Hermes 450 which has a strong history of successful unmanned flights
UAV range up to 900kg meets flexible unmanned flight requirements
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 15 December, 2009
Ranging from a mere 6kg to nearly a tonne with altitude capabilities of up to 18,000 feet, the Innocon range of unmanned aerial vehicles meet the challenging demands of different military requirements
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Affiliate gains AS9110 Certification
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 15 December, 2009
Certification to AS9110 awarded based on Kelly Aviation Center exceeding requirements for reliability and airworthiness
Accomplished Aviation Expert joins Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 11 December, 2009
With a background in the US Air Force, Boeing and Bell Helicopter, the new Vice President of Communications brings extensive industry experience to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Predator UAS collects San Diego Innovation award
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 11 December, 2009
The William Otterson award for impact on innovation in San Diego has been given to General Atomics Aeronautical Systems for its locally manufactured Predator Unmanned Aircraft System
UAV launch and recovery system demonstration
Cargo, Ground Handling and Landing : 11 December, 2009
Insitu has successfully demonstrated its SkyHook wing-tip recovery system for unamanned aircraft including a powerful launch system to enable both take-off and landing in difficult terrain without needing runways
US Coast Guard takes delivery of Predator B Guardian UAS
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 10 December, 2009
A maritime unmanned aircraft system from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has been delivered to the US Customs and Border Protection agency for use in reconnaissance and surveillance by the Coast Guard
Grand helicopters to perform Marine Safety missions in China
Helicopter and VTOL Aircraft : 07 December, 2009
The Southern Chinese Guangdong Province gains two AgustaWestland Grand helicopters for marine safety duties
MOD Typhoon Support contract extended
Fixed and Swing Wing Aircraft : 07 December, 2009
The Ministry of Defence has awarded an additional 3 year contract to QinetiQ for defence equipment and support operations for the Typhoon programme
UAS operators take tour of manufacturing facility
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 07 December, 2009
GA-ASI has welcomed representatives of the US army who will operated the latest unmanned aircraft systems to their production facility in California
French order for Camcopter UAV
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : 02 December, 2009
Schiebel has received an order from the French Direction générale de l’armement for the lease of a Camcopter S-100 for Army trials
Naval Air Force order for pilot night vision systems
Pilot Aids, HUD and Guidance Systems : 02 December, 2009
VSI will supply Night Vision Cueing and Display units including visor symbology for use by Naval Air Pilots for night flying missions
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