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LWIR Bandpass Filters For FLIR Optics
Optics : 04 March, 2010
Deposition Sciences is providing highly durable long wave infrared bandpass filters using thin film vapour deposition processes for high durability operations in imaging sensors
Battery Gas Gauges Measures Charge Directly
Power supplies, batteries : 03 March, 2010
Linear Technology has introduced a set of battery gas gauges for single cell Li-ion power supplies operating between 2.7 and 5.5v
Digi-Key Tools Express Provides Engineers With Electronic Component Resource
Electrical and electronic devices : 03 March, 2010
Embedded Developer and Digi-Key have collaborated on the development of Digi-Key Tools Xpress, a development tool resource for embedded design engineers
Space and Defence Semiconductor Product Strategy
Electrical and electronic devices : 02 March, 2010
Electronic product releases are being planned by Plessey Semiconductors for the aerospace, defence and space industries
Cable Extension Position Sensors
Laboratory Equipment, Testing, Quality and Reliability : 01 March, 2010
Variohm EuroSensor is now offering the Celesco PT9000 position sensor for cable extensions in the UK for use indoors or outside with up to 43 metres of linear measurement
3000 Ton Press Brake for Mobile Crane Manufacturer
Machinery and Special Equipment : 01 March, 2010
LVD is to supply a press brake to a Chinese manufacturer of mobile crane equipment
Fibre Optic Connection Products for Harsh Environments
Fasteners and Connection Products : 26 February, 2010
Precise alignment and high levels of optical performance characterise the harsh environment PHD 38999 fibre optic connector from ITT Interconnect
Cryoconnector for Sub Millimetre Astronomy Project
Electrical Wiring and Cable Management : 26 February, 2010
Wiring harnesses from the Cryoconnect Division of Tekdata to be used for the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope for sub-millimetre astronomy
Small Magnetic Field Measurement Possible with Vibration Isolator from Newport
Photonics, Optoelectronics : 26 February, 2010
The S-2000AN Stabilizer Non-Magnetic Vibration Isolator from Newport Corporation for effective isolation of optical tables
High Durability Fasteners for Military Vehicles
Mechanical Fasteners and Joining Devices : 26 February, 2010
The Huck 360 and Bobtail fasteners from Alcoa Defense offer high clamp load and fatigue strength without the need for adhesives or lock washers in military applications
Enhanced UV Blocking on Precision Hot Mirrors
Paints, Coatings, Surface Treatments : 26 February, 2010
Precision hot mirror family filters unwanted infrared from visible light enabling improved colour fidelity for imaging applications
Aluminium Alloy Military Vehicle Armour Plate
Metals, Composites : 26 February, 2010
The AUSA Winter Exhibition sees the introduction of the new C79A armour plate from Alcoa Defense made from Aluminium alloy for use on military vehicles
Voltage Regulator With Wide Input Voltage Range
Electrical and electronic devices : 25 February, 2010
Linear Technology’s LT3032 provides dual low noise low dropout voltage linear regulation
New CEO Joins Laser Photonics
Machinery and Special Equipment : 25 February, 2010
Manufacturer of Fibre Laser Equipment for manufacturing industry names new Chief Executive Officer
Step Down Controller with Pin-Selectable Output Voltages
Electrical and electronic devices : 24 February, 2010
Dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller from Linear Technology features 95% efficiency and tight accuracy over a wide temperature range
Triaxial Accelerometers for Harsh Applications Such as Flight Testing
Laboratory Equipment, Testing, Quality and Reliability : 23 February, 2010
Inertial Aerosystems 2470 range of rugged analogue triaxial accelerometers are ideal for high g applications due to flexible circuit construction
Optical Surfaces Continues To Invest In Manufacturing Processes
Paints, Coatings, Surface Treatments : 19 February, 2010
Facility for protected aluminium on glass substrate coating for defence and space applications added to existing manufacturing facility at Optical Surfaces which includes a new class 10,000 clean room for enhanced contamination control
Motorised 6x Zoom Lens With Radiation Resistance
Optics : 19 February, 2010
The Non Browning Model 290 Zoom Lens from Resolve Optics enables inspection, surveillance or machine vision activities to take place in areas of high levels of radiation without negative influence on the image quality
Weatherproof Vibralert Mechanical Switch
Electrical panels and enclosures : 19 February, 2010
Metrix 5550 Switch offers vibration protection for low or medium speed machinery with optional IS hazardous area rating
Electromechanical Control Technology Partnership for Thomson Brand
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 19 February, 2010
Danaher Motion has chosen Heason Technology to be the UK Partner for supplying the Thomson Linear Motion products
Same Day Assembly Service on NORDBLOC.1 Gearmotors
Machinery and Special Equipment : 19 February, 2010
Helical Inline Range of Gearmotors from 90 to 3200Nm now available from Nord Gear’s UK assembly facility on same day assembly and delivery terms
Precision Motion Control in Use for Nanometre Precision Laser Writing
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 19 February, 2010
The University of Southampton is using motion control products from Aerotech in groundbreaking research in optoelectronics for using UV Lasers to write optical circuits on glass substrates
Maximum Current DC/DC Conversion from Limited Power Sources
Electrical and electronic devices : 19 February, 2010
Linear Technology has announced the LTC3127 Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter for high peak power applications running from limited power sources
Lockheed Martin Qualifies QP Semiconductor as a Preferred Supplier
Electrical and electronic devices : 19 February, 2010
Custom IC Design Expertise and Performance Results in Preferred Supplier Status being conferred on QP Semiconductor enabling the electronic component and assembly supplier to supply any of the Lockheed Martin businesses
Aerospace Certification for Component Supplier
Mechanical Components : 19 February, 2010
Hagemeyer Achieves AS9120 Certification alongside its existing ISO 9001 certificate enabling the company to supply the north American aerospace market with electrical and safety products
Semtech Semiconductors Meet Aerospace and Satellite Qualification Requirements
Electrical and electronic devices : 19 February, 2010
The Defence Supply Centre has qualified Semtech for supplying transient voltage suppressors after testing determines conformance to MIL specification for satellite and aerospace usage
Multiphase Step-Down DC/DC Controller with Dual Output
Electrical and electronic devices : 18 February, 2010
The LTC3860 from Linear Technology is a DC/DC step-down controller that works with external power train devices
Circular Multi-Pin Connectors with Additional Locking Ideal for Armoured Vehicles
Fasteners and Connection Products : 17 February, 2010
The APD interconnect products from ITT provide high connection security with secondary locking for high pin count connectors for use in wheeled armoured military vehicles
Research Contract into Ceramic Missile Nose Cones
Plastics, Glass, Fabric, Ceramics : 12 February, 2010
Ceradyne receives research order from NAVAIR for developing the next stage of Ceramic Missile Radomes
Circuit Boards to be Used in Missile Warning Systems
Electrical and electronic devices : 12 February, 2010
BAE Systems has placed an order on LaBarge for Rugged Circuit Board Assemblies for use on board military aircraft as part of the common missile warning system
Composites from ATK used in Solar Dynamics Observatory Launch
Metals, Composites : 12 February, 2010
Alliant Techsystems have supplied the complex composite technology used for the launch of the Atlas V rocket to put the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory in space
Electronic Surface Coating Protects Against Corrosion
Paints, Coatings, Surface Treatments : 11 February, 2010
3M is producing the Novec surface modifier coating providing protection to electronic circuits from the effects of moisture and corrosion
Refurbished CNC Cutting Systems From ESAB
Machinery and Special Equipment : 11 February, 2010
ESAB Cutting Systems are meeting demand for refurbished plant by stocking both new and fully refurbished profile cutting equipment
Increased Revenue Drives Recruitment at Tekdata
Electrical Wiring and Cable Management : 11 February, 2010
Specialist supplier of cable harness and interconnect solutions for the space and defence sectors hires additional staff to meet increased demand
4MHz High Efficiency Step-Down Regulator
Electrical and electronic devices : 11 February, 2010
Linear Technology introduces the LTC3633 15v, 4MHz synchronous dual 3A step-down regulator
Miniature SMD-Converters with optimised layout
Power supplies, batteries : 10 February, 2010
RoHS6/6 Compliant SMD-Converters features optimised design for use on fully automatic manufacturing assembly lines
Waterjet cutting equipment with large table sizes
Machinery and Special Equipment : 10 February, 2010
Responding to demand for large fabrications in the aerospace and sub-contract manufacturing industries, Wightman Stewart has increased the table size of its WARDJet R-Series Waterjet cutting systems
LYNX Attentuators cover DC to 6GHz Frequency range
Electrical and electronic devices : 10 February, 2010
Link Microtek has expanded the LYNX range of attenuators with low cost units covering up to 6GHz frequencies
Flyback signal eliminates need for opto-isolator on switching regulator
Electrical and electronic devices : 09 February, 2010
The LT3574 switching regulator from Linear Technology has a simplified design with no requirement for signal transformers or opt-isolators
Bespoke Zoom Lens Design
Optics : 09 February, 2010
Resolve Optics Develops and Manufactures Specialist Zoom lenses for any applications including for operation in the UV or IR ranges
Specialised Imaging Inc to Launch in North America in April
Special cameras and vision system : 09 February, 2010
High speed imaging specialist consolidates growth in North American region by opening dedicated facility and company in California
High Efficiency 15V Step-Down Regulator
Electrical and electronic devices : 05 February, 2010
Constant frequency current mode architecture features on step-down regulator handling voltages from 3.6 to 15V
Aerospace Quality Certification for Coatings Supplier
Paints, Coatings, Surface Treatments : 04 February, 2010
Hardide Coatings attains AS9100 Certification signifying achievement of Aerospace standards of quality
Bombardier to take Carbon Fibre Composites for Learjet 85
Metals, Composites : 04 February, 2010
Composite Materials from Cytec Industries to be used on the CSeries and Learjet 85 models from Bombardier
Nanotechnology holds key to morphing UAV Wing
Plastics, Glass, Fabric, Ceramics : 04 February, 2010
ADA Technologies receives research funding to carry out studies on the use of morphing skins on UAV wings using nano-particle technology
LED Scribing Industrial Laser
Machinery and Special Equipment : 28 January, 2010
Newport introduces a Q-switched diode-pumped solid state laser for the manufacture of LEDs
Synchronous High Speed MOSFET Driver
Electrical and electronic devices : 28 January, 2010
The LTC4449 N-Channel MOSFET Driver from Linear Technology is for use in synchronous rectified converter topologies
Low cost 19-way Pogo Pin Connector System
Fasteners and Connection Products : 28 January, 2010
Pogo Pin Connector and Cable Assembly from ITT ideal for commercial aircraft electronics with complete EMI shielding in applications with high cycle counts
DC Fans and Blowers available from Digi-Key
Electrical and electronic devices : 27 January, 2010
Comair Rotron deal enables Digi-Key to distribute the company’s range of DC blowers and fans in North America
ADC Driver for differential gain with no external feedback resistors
Electrical and electronic devices : 26 January, 2010
The LT6350 ADC Driver from Linear Technology operates at low noise and caters for the latest SAR ADC products
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