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Manufacturing and Materials
Recycled carbon fibre composite
Metals, Composites : 18 November, 2016
A product is now available that provides composite strength using reclaimed carbon fibre and thermoplastics
High multi axis accuracy on nanopositioning stages
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 14 October, 2016
The QNP2 Series ZY Piezo nanopositioning stages from Aerotech provides high geometric performance and multi axis accuracy
Photodetector for measuring ultraviolet light
Optics : 14 October, 2016
Low noise extreme UV photodetector for measuring ultraviolet light and power monitoring of Extreme UV lasers
Patent defended on helmet material
Metals, Composites : 30 September, 2016
DSM Dyneema is continuing to protect its patents for material technology in pressed products used in body and vehicle armour applications
Robotic welding torch evaluation
Machinery and Special Equipment : 30 September, 2016
Ian McLaren of ESAB provides 10 pieces of advice on making evaluations of robotic welding torches
EMC shielding for automotive applications
Laboratory Equipment, Testing, Quality and Reliability : 30 September, 2016
Parker Chomerics is attending the electronica event this year in Munich with its shielding and protection products for modern vehicles
Connectors and EMC shielding on show at electronics show
Fasteners and Connection Products : 23 September, 2016
Harwin is attending the Electronic Design show in October with the company range of Hi-Rel connecters and EMC shielding capabilities
Welding equipment demonstrated in roadshow
Machinery and Special Equipment : 23 September, 2016
ESAB has taken to the road with its welding demo bus to demonstrate its latest portable welding machine
Space saving connectors for military applications
Fasteners and Connection Products : 16 September, 2016
Astute Electronics is now supplying the LEMO F Series connectors for use in space critical defence applications
Watertight connectors for harsh environments
Mechanical Fasteners and Joining Devices : 02 September, 2016
Small diameter push-pull connectors are available for use in harsh environments where protection from water ingress is needed
Linear stages with embedded temperature compensation
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 02 September, 2016
Industrial linear motor and positioning stages from Aerotech benefit from built-in temperature compensation feature
High power servo drives for extreme environments
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 26 August, 2016
Elmo Motion Gold Bee servo drivers are available from Heason Technology providing high intelligence density servo drive capabilities
Harsh environment power connectors for aerospace use
Fasteners and Connection Products : 26 August, 2016
Astute is supplying the 35A per contact Panther power connector series for use in harsh environment applications
Microscope-Objective Piezo Nanopositioner
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 08 August, 2016
Piezo nanopositioning stage from Aerotech for precisioin microscope objective positioning
Waterproof electrical joint for packing machines
Fasteners and Connection Products : 08 August, 2016
Heason has introduced an IP65 rated electric rotary joint for use in flowpack packaging machines
High speed camera speeds up production processing
Optics : 08 August, 2016
Photron has released the PhotoCam SpeederV2 for high speed imaging for use in production line environments
Microwave signalling contract signed at Farnborough
Electrical and electronic devices : 25 July, 2016
The Farnborough event was a successful one this year for TMD after the company signed a contract on the supply of travelling wave tubes for RF signal amplification
Signal processing IC for object detection
Electronics Manufacturing Services : 16 October, 2015
Object detection and distance measurement is able to be performed through combination of emitter and photodiode with a time-of-flight signal processing IC from Intersil
High precision piezo nanopositioners
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 15 June, 2015
Aerotech has released a new series of piezo nanopositioning stages for applications requiring extremely high precision
Optical terminations for military applications
Fasteners and Connection Products : 15 June, 2015
Asutue Electronics is supplying optical terminal products qualified to military standards to the UK defence and commercial markets
Durable military connectors on show in Paris
Fasteners and Connection Products : 15 June, 2015
Harwin connectivity products are on show at Le Bourget this week where the company is displaying its high reliability connectors for military and aerospace markets
Student satellite successfully launched
Mechanical Fasteners and Joining Devices : 08 June, 2015
High reliability connectors from Harwin form part of the construction of university project to launch a CubeSat satellite
Near-eye display application partnership
Optics : 08 June, 2015
Microoled and Astute Electronics have signed an agreement regarding the distribution of Near-Eye Display devices for medical applications and head-up displays
EMI sheilding products on show for aerospace market
Laboratory Equipment, Testing, Quality and Reliability : 08 June, 2015
Chomerics Europe is attending the Paris Air Show this year with its product range for thermal management and EMI sheilding
Motorised vertical lift columns for UK market
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 08 June, 2015
Heason Technology is now providing Thomson vertical lift columns in the UK for medical and accessibility equipment
Customised armoured composite crew compartments
Metals, Composites : 08 June, 2015
Morgan has developed an armour system for the crew compartment of the Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle from Indian military vehicle supplier
High speed 4MP camera for military applications
Special cameras and vision system : 08 June, 2015
Photron releases a high definition high speed miniature camera for military and other demanding imaging applications
Fine pitched connectors on tape and reel
Electrical and electronic devices : 28 April, 2015
Harwin is now offering tape and reel variants of 1.27mm surface mount connectors for competitive prices in low quantities
3 Phase servo drives with universal ethernet available in the UK
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 28 April, 2015
Heason Technology is supply the UK market with the MotiFlex e180 3-phase servo drive with universal ethernet capability from ABB
Composite material for protective armour
Metals, Composites : 20 April, 2015
Lightweight composite material for use in armour provides multi-hit protection against IED and small or medium calibre weapons
Common automation problems illustrated
Machinery and Special Equipment : 20 April, 2015
An infographic available on European Automation website shows top five problems with industrial automation
Free welding and cutting system guide
Machinery and Special Equipment : 02 April, 2015
Wall posters available free of charge from ESAB as a visual guide to welding and cutting processes
UK vehicle composite lightweighting capacity increased
Metals, Composites : 02 April, 2015
Sigmatex obtains funding for generating higher volume output of composite materials for increasing capacity in reducing vehicle weight
Advanced XY silicon carbide air bearing stage
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 02 April, 2015
The PlanarHDX from Aerotech is a planar air bearing platform made from silicon carbide for high levels of dynamic performance
Lightweight gearing for improved robotics
Mechanical Components : 23 March, 2015
Improvements in robotic performance can be achieved with a new set of lightweight and compact gear sets from Harmonic Drive
Motion control plays part in redefinition of the kilogramme
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 19 March, 2015
A three-axis manipulator is being designed for precise positioning of a 1kg silicon sphere for use as a unit of mass for SI units
Device and power connectors for industrial applications
Fasteners and Connection Products : 19 March, 2015
Astute Electronics is now supplying the Omnimate range of device connectors and terminals for use in industrial applications
Antenna turnover rig design for large assemblies
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 19 March, 2015
LG Motion is supplying Airbus Defence and Space with an antenna turnover rig specifically designed for use in the test and assembly of large antennas
MMA electrodes for wide range of welding applications
Machinery and Special Equipment : 19 March, 2015
Over 100 different MMA electrode types are available from ESAB for use in industrial welding applications for a number of different alloys
Pulsed laser diode module for optical testing
Photonics, Optoelectronics : 19 March, 2015
OSI Laser Diode has released a 1625nm pulsed laser diode module in a 14-pin butterfly package for optical testing applications
High temperature 80V quad diode
Electrical and electronic devices : 09 March, 2015
Configurable diode released by Cissoid operates at a wide temperature range from -55C to +225C
Rugged servo actuator for harsh conditions
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 09 March, 2015
Harmonic Drive releases the AlopexDrive high precision servo actuator for operation in extremely low temperature environments
High power connectors for harsh environments
Mechanical Fasteners and Joining Devices : 09 March, 2015
Astute Electronics is supplying the UK with Rhino high power connectors from Amphenol for use in harsh military environments
Design service for standalone functional testers
Electronics Manufacturing Services : 02 March, 2015
Escatec is providing designers and manufacturers with a new design service for standard functional testing
Wireless digital acquisition system
Electrical and electronic devices : 02 March, 2015
Precision analogue microcontroller with RF transceiver provides integrated data acquisition capability on a chip
High precisioin reduction gear unit available in the UK
Servo Drives, Positioning Control : 02 March, 2015
Heason Technology is now supplying UK customers with the TwinSpin G-series high precision reduction gear unit from Spinea
Precision scribing and cutting for coated optics
Optics : 02 March, 2015
Precision Glass and Optics is now offering a high volume service for the precision cutting and scribing of either plain or coated optics
UK supplier moves into second phase of SIG programme
Manufacturing, Assembly and Maintenance : 02 March, 2015
TMD Technologies will continue into the second phase of the UK government funded Sharing in Growth programme for regional growth in the defence industry
Web site provides information on automation industry
Machinery and Special Equipment : 23 February, 2015
Supplier of obsolete equipment and components in the automation industry has created a new website to reach global audiences
Battery operated high speed welding tractor
Machinery and Special Equipment : 23 February, 2015
The Miggytrac B501 battery operated welding tractor from ESAB provides highly portable and high speed mechanised welding capabilities
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