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Communications and Navigation
Automatic coding and encryption of GPS signals
Navigation Software, Mapping and Services : 03 February, 2014
Exelis has upgraded software for GPS operational control systems with improved satellite positioning and encryption
US army helicopters to receive ARC-201D radios
Radio Equipment : 31 January, 2014
Exelis will provide ARC-201D radios for use in Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters operated by America's army
Ten year outlook on market for passive radars in aviation
Radar Equipment : 31 January, 2014
The market for passive radars in civil and military aviation is expected to present an opportunity worth 10 billion dollars during the next decade
Radar systems to protect offshore facilities in Azerbaijan
Radar Equipment : 29 January, 2014
VisSim will use the SharpEye radar set for a project in Azerbaijan for the protection of offshore facilities
Geospatial Intelligence capability for British Army
Navigation Software, Mapping and Services : 23 January, 2014
A battlefield geospatial intelligence development has been given initial operating capability status by the UK's MoD for use by the British Army
US Coast Guard to take airborne surveillance radar
Radar Equipment : 23 January, 2014
Airborne surveillance radar to provide US Coast Guard with maritime reconnaissance capabilities aboard its Hercules surveillance fleet of aircraft
3rd generation missile warning system for army helicopters
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 15 January, 2014
America's army has ordered the latest generation of missile warning systems from BAE Systems for use in army and naval helicopters
Radar efficiency and management contract extended
Radar Equipment : 14 January, 2014
The UK's MoD has extended its contract with BMT Reliability Consultants to assess the continued performance of T101 and T102 radars
NATO Nation orders Falcon multiband radios
Radio Equipment : 14 January, 2014
Over 20 million dollars in orders have been received from one country by Harris Corp for the company's Falcon multiband tactical radios
Membership upgrade of Open Geospatial Consortium
Navigation Software, Mapping and Services : 13 January, 2014
Envitia expands its working relationship with the Open Geospatial Consortium by becoming a Technical Committee member
Temperature compensated crystal oscillator for military applications
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 07 January, 2014
A series of highly stable, low vibration induced phase noise and low power consumption temperature compensated crystal oscillators has been developed with suitability for military applications
NATO country order for high frequency tactical radios
Radio Equipment : 31 December, 2013
Harris will supply the Falcon II high frequency tactical radio for use in secure voice and data communications to a NATO country
Australian defence forces to use Falcon tactical radios
Radio Equipment : 27 December, 2013
Harris will supply handheld and vehicular high frequency Falcon Tactical radios for use by the Australian defence forces
Solid state power amplifier for use in EW/ECM systems
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 05 December, 2013
TMD Technologies has developed a 150W output solid state microwave amplifier for use in the defence industry for electronic warfare systems
Gripen fighter to take PAWS-2 System
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 04 December, 2013
Elbit Systems will supply passive airborne warning systems for use on the Gripen fighter plane
Manpack radio communicates with MUOS constellation
Radio Equipment : 03 December, 2013
Harris has reported on the successful communication between the Falcon III manpack radio and the MUOS satellite constellation
Soldier Radio Waveform enhancements for US DoD
Radio Equipment : 21 November, 2013
Harris Corporation will enhance Soldier Radio Waveform capabilities for the US Department of Defense under new contract
Mobile airbase upgrades for Swedish airforce
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 21 November, 2013
Sweden's defence agency orders mobile airbase communications upgrade and maintenance for the air force from Saab
Missile approach warning system for German Tornados
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 20 November, 2013
The Tornado fleet of the German Air Force will be equipped with self protection equipment including missile approach warning to be produced by Saab
US Army to take radio systems for live training
Radio Equipment : 19 November, 2013
Saab to supply the US armed forces with radio systems for use in data communications in training
Multiband radios to be supplied to the Middle East
Radio Equipment : 04 November, 2013
Harris Corporation is supplying a country in the Middle East with Falcon III multiband networking radios for coastal intelligence and reconnaissance communications
Satcom service disruption prevention
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 29 October, 2013
Redundant block converters are available from Link Microtek for preventing disruption in satcom services
Army increases tactical radio order value
Radio Equipment : 24 October, 2013
The US army is continuing its relationship with Harris in the supply of tactical radio systems for military use
Multi channel radio in single chassis
Radio Equipment : 22 October, 2013
Dismounted military personnel now have the ability to operate on multiple radio networks simultaneously with the Falcon III multi-channel radio chassis
Reduced weight amplifiers for airborne military use
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 21 October, 2013
TC-100L Satcom amplifiers have been delivered to the US Army airborne services as part of weight reduction initiatives
Irish Navy to update fleet radar systems
Radar Equipment : 10 October, 2013
The SharpEye radar system from Kelvin Hughes will be used by the Irish Navy on board its vessels for high levels of situational awareness in adverse conditions
Surveillance aircraft to take anti-jamming GPS
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 10 October, 2013
Elbit Systems is supplying the GPS system with jamming immunity for use in a military surveillance project in the Asia Pacific region
Obsolescence service available for RF and microwave equipment
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 09 October, 2013
UK communications equipment company to support obsolete in-service RF and microwave equipment with replacement components
Military amplifiers on show at AOC event
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 07 October, 2013
TMD Technologies is attending AOC International in the USA with its range of specialist amplifiers for electronic warfare
Thai Navy to take radar systems from Saab
Radar Equipment : 04 October, 2013
The combat management and radar system integration will be performed on a frigate being built for the Royal Thai Navy
Interference analyser combats IED threat
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 01 October, 2013
Suspicious transmissions including jamming signals and IED threats can now be identified with a new interference and direction analyser from Link Microtek
Wideband radios to be supplied to US army
Radio Equipment : 26 September, 2013
Harris is supplying army units in America with vehicular radio systems using the company's Falcon III wideband networking technology
Saab to shed employees in Gothenburg
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 24 September, 2013
Troubled Swedish defence supplier to lose more headcount in a staff reduction program which will see up to 175 jobs lost in electronic defence in Gothenburg
EW system order for Indian military helicopters
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 20 September, 2013
Helicopters in the Indian army and air force will benefit from electronic warfare self-protection systems supplied by Swedish defence company Saab
Battle helmet headset for mobile infrared communications
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 12 September, 2013
The Azdec infrared mobile communications system from Link Microtek provides reduced noise for use in battle helmets
Jamming system for protection against IEDs
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 11 September, 2013
Electronic warfare system from Elbit Systems provides protection for military and VIP vehicles against remote improvised explosive devices
Low profile satellite communications antenna
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 10 September, 2013
A small footprint, lightweight military satellite communications antenna has been released by Elbit Systems with passive waveguide array planar technology
Lightweight EW system for dismounted operations
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 03 September, 2013
The Resolve Electronic Warfare system offers lightweight portability for use by soldiers in on-the-march operations
Electronic warfare systems on show at DSEI
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 29 August, 2013
Elbit Systems is attending the DSEI show in London in September with its range of unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic warfare systems
Dual channel broadband coaxial joint
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 23 August, 2013
Dual-channel coaxial rotary joint uses contact technology suitable for long-life broadband applications on military satellites
Secure broadband service technology
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 22 August, 2013
Elbit Systems unveils broadband technology suitable to meet security needs of government and military usage
Microwave power modules on display at DSEI event
Radar Equipment : 14 August, 2013
TMD Technologies is attending the DSEI defence and security event in London to demonstrate the company's latest range of microwave power modules for the defence industry
Electronic warfare training contract at RAF Spadeadam
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 06 August, 2013
The UK's MoD has given Babcock the contract for upgrading SA-8 radar systems and providing training in electronic warfare at RAF Spadeadam in Cumbria
JTRS certification for Falcon III radio
Radio Equipment : 24 July, 2013
Multiband handheld Falcon III radio for tactical communications gains US certification form Tactical Networking Centre
Digital radio system for US Marine Corps
Radio Equipment : 16 July, 2013
Harris corporation has upgraded US Marine radios from Analogue to digital systems
Tactical Communications for US special operations
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 17 June, 2013
The US Special Operations Command has ordered Falcon III wideband communications sytems from Harris
Infrared transceiver headset for ATC personnel
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 13 June, 2013
A new headset has been designed for air traffic control or UAV control rooms incorporating infra-red mobile communications
TMD Microwave systems on display at US Symposium
Electronic Warfare, ECM, Decoys : 28 May, 2013
Microwave power modules and other electronic equipment from TMD Technologies will be shown at the International Microwave Symposium in the USA
Communication system for Latin American border agency
Communication Equipment, Infrastructure, Services : 08 May, 2013
Harris Corporation will supply end-to-end communications systems for a Latin American border security program
Critical communication improvements in Virginia State
Radio Equipment : 26 April, 2013
Emergency services in a Virginia County in the USA will benefit from improved communications with Harris public safety radio systems
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