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Harris Corporation
Harris Systems Ltd
Eskdale Road
Winnersh, Wokingham
RG41 5TS
[t] 0118 964 8000
[f] 0118 964 8001
Large Middle East order for tactical radio systems
19 March, 2015
The Falcon III tactical radio from Harris Communications will form part of a communication system being supplied to a nation in the Middle East
Vehicle comms system for Air National Guard
30 January, 2015
Ground to air communications for the Air National Guard will be enabled using integrated tactical communications systems from Harris
Large order for wideband tactical radios
04 April, 2014
Foreign nation places order with Harris for the Falcon III wideband tactical radio for improving real-time communications for command and control
HF tactical radio technology demonstration
25 March, 2014
Harris has shown how Falcon III tactical radios can be used for faster voice and data transmissions beyond the line of sight
Manpack radio interoperability testing
21 March, 2014
Interoperability testing has been completed on the Falcon III manpack radio with mobile user objective system
Further antennae to be supplied for Inmarsat
13 March, 2014
Boeing has placed a follow-on order with Harris for Inmarsat global Xpress satellite antennae
Successful satellite antenna reflector deployment
10 March, 2014
The Antenna reflectors on Sirius FM-6 Satellite have been successfully deployed in the latest mission success
NATO Nation orders Falcon multiband radios
14 January, 2014
Over 20 million dollars in orders have been received from one country by Harris Corp for the company's Falcon multiband tactical radios
NATO country order for high frequency tactical radios
31 December, 2013
Harris will supply the Falcon II high frequency tactical radio for use in secure voice and data communications to a NATO country
Australian defence forces to use Falcon tactical radios
27 December, 2013
Harris will supply handheld and vehicular high frequency Falcon Tactical radios for use by the Australian defence forces
Manpack radio communicates with MUOS constellation
03 December, 2013
Harris has reported on the successful communication between the Falcon III manpack radio and the MUOS satellite constellation
Soldier Radio Waveform enhancements for US DoD
21 November, 2013
Harris Corporation will enhance Soldier Radio Waveform capabilities for the US Department of Defense under new contract
Multiband radios to be supplied to the Middle East
04 November, 2013
Harris Corporation is supplying a country in the Middle East with Falcon III multiband networking radios for coastal intelligence and reconnaissance communications
Army increases tactical radio order value
24 October, 2013
The US army is continuing its relationship with Harris in the supply of tactical radio systems for military use
Multi channel radio in single chassis
22 October, 2013
Dismounted military personnel now have the ability to operate on multiple radio networks simultaneously with the Falcon III multi-channel radio chassis
Wideband radios to be supplied to US army
26 September, 2013
Harris is supplying army units in America with vehicular radio systems using the company's Falcon III wideband networking technology
JTRS certification for Falcon III radio
24 July, 2013
Multiband handheld Falcon III radio for tactical communications gains US certification form Tactical Networking Centre
Digital radio system for US Marine Corps
16 July, 2013
Harris corporation has upgraded US Marine radios from Analogue to digital systems
Tactical Communications for US special operations
17 June, 2013
The US Special Operations Command has ordered Falcon III wideband communications sytems from Harris
Communication system for Latin American border agency
08 May, 2013
Harris Corporation will supply end-to-end communications systems for a Latin American border security program
Critical communication improvements in Virginia State
26 April, 2013
Emergency services in a Virginia County in the USA will benefit from improved communications with Harris public safety radio systems
Falcon III tactical radios to be supplied to Asia
09 April, 2013
An Asian country has placed a large order on Harris Corporation for the delivery of Falcon III wideband tactical radios
Falcon wideband tactical army radio released
20 March, 2013
Harris Corporation has developed the Falcon wideband team radio providing improved capabilities for voice and data communications in military use
Falcon Radios To Be Delivered To Brazilian Armed Forces
01 March, 2011
Brazil has ordered Falcon II and III tactical radios from Harris for use by the armed forces of the country in security and humanitarian relief operations
High Bandwidth Broadband For Emergency Services
03 August, 2010
Harris VIDA Broadband LTE has been released providing versatile communications for emergency services with the ability to handle video imaging transmission
Australian Defence Order For Falcon Tactical Radio Systems
08 April, 2010
Harris Corporation to supply the Australian Department of Defence with Harris Falcon III equipment for networked battlefield communications
Falcon II radios to be used in Marine Corps M-ATV units
24 December, 2009
The US Marine Corps has chosen high frequency beyond line-of-site radio communication systems from Harris RF Communications for use in MRAP All Terrain Vehicles
Harris provides radios for Combined Endeavor 2009 (CE-09)
12 October, 2009
Harris Corporation has linked deployed forces and their commanders through wideband battlefield communication networks that enabled real-time exchange of tactical voice, video and other data by participants in Combined Endeavor 2009 (CE-09).
JTRS Battlefield Networking Technology on Falcon III(R) Manpack Radios
08 October, 2009
Harris Corporation has demonstrated the exchange of high-bandwidth voice, video and text over a Falcon III AN/PRC-117G radio network using wideband waveforms developed by the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program. The demonstration took place at the annual Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Meeting and Exposition Oct. 5-7 in Washington, D.C.
Harris terminals provide high-speed global IP-based communications
21 September, 2009
Harris Corporation's RF-7800B family of ruggedized Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite terminals has received 'Type Approval' from Inmarsat, one of the world's leading provider of global satellite communications (SATCOM). Type Approval certifies the Harris terminals to operate over the Inmarsat Satellite Communications System for simultaneous voice and broadband data connectivity.
Falcon III(R) RF-7800M multiband manpack radio gets broadband capability
08 September, 2009
A software upgrade has extended the range to beyond-line-of-sight communications via integration with Harris RF-7800B Broadband Global Area Networking (BGAN) terminals. The addition of a broadband satellite capability to its Falcon III(R) RF-7800M wideband networking radio that will enable global-area high-data-rate communications between senior military commanders and personnel at the tactical edge.
Harris RF-310M-HH radio simplifies interoperable tactical communications
04 September, 2009
Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company, today announced it has received certification from the National Security Agency (NSA) for the Harris RF-310M-HH, the world's first tactical radio to utilize new encryption technology designed to simplify the enabling of communications interoperability within multinational coalitions.
Falcon III AN/PRC-152(C) handheld radios and accessories for the U.S. Air Force
23 July, 2009
Harris Corporation has been awarded $44 million in orders to provide JTRS-approved Falcon III AN/PRC-152(C) handheld radios and accessories to the U.S. Air Force. The radios will support the changing communication needs of the entire Air Force enterprise, including Security Forces, Special Operations, Combat Engineers and Air Mobility Command (AMC).
Falcon III(R) Secure Personal Radio (SPR) for Swedish Soldier Radio Program
02 July, 2009
RF-7800S radio will become the standard platform for secure communication of voice, data and situational awareness for squads and platoons
Harris Corporation - ISR receiver RF-7800 for UAV's
18 June, 2009
The handheld Harris ISR receiver, known as the RF-7800T, provides a next-generation portable ground-based Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver (ROVER) for video captured by the military's growing fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs.) This is the first video receiver packaged in a standard military-hardened handheld form factor, greatly increasing both portability and survivability in demanding battlefield environments.
U.S. Air Force contract for vehicular radios and new digital tactical intercom system
10 June, 2009
Equipment to be installed in U.S. Air Force Humvees in support of ground missions
Harris Corporation - Falcon II(R) and Falcon III(R) Tactical Radios for Poland
30 April, 2009
Land and Special Operations Forces Will Acquire Harris Multiband and HF Technology to Enable Communications Interoperability for U.S., NATO and Coalition Operations.
Harris Corporation Introduces Digital Vehicular Intercom System
07 March, 2009
In-Vehicle Communications System Expands Falcon(R) Tactical Communications Portfolio
Harris Corporation New RF-7800V-HH Radio
23 February, 2009
New RF-7800V-HH Delivers High-Speed Data Connectivity, Extended Communication Range and Battle Management System-Ready Technology Optimized for Ease of Use in the Field
Harris Corporation SecNet 11(R) Product Line Certified for Use in Navy/Marine Corps
27 December, 2008
Harris Corporation has announced that its SecNet 11(R) family of products has been certified for use by the U.S. Navy to provide information security for classified wireless networks in various military applications.
Programmable Encryption Device Receives UK Top Secret-Eyes Only Certification
23 December, 2008
Harris Corporation has received certification from Communications - Electronics Security Group (CESG) for a next-generation programmable encryption device that secures voice and data to the highest levels of information security. CESG is the information assurance arm of the United Kingdom.
Harris Corporation - Type 1 certification National Security Agency's CCEP
11 December, 2008
Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company, announced that the Ethernet module for its SecNet 54(R) High- Assurance Internet Protocol Encryption product has received Type 1 certification from the National Security Agency's Commercial COMSEC Evaluation Program (CCEP).
Harris Corporation - Study into new modular communications architecture for satellite
26 November, 2008
Harris Corporation has been awarded an eight-month study contract by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Sensors Directorate Wright Patterson AFB to develop a new modular communications architecture for satellites that weigh less than 400 kilograms and can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively.
50,000th Falcon III AN/PRC-152(C) Multiband Tactical Handheld Radio
29 October, 2008
JTRS-Approved Radio is Widely Deployed by U.S. Department of Defense and Allied Nations
Harris Corporation - Tactical Data Communications
07 October, 2008
New Ruggedized RF-7800B Terminals Provide Type-1 Secure Global Wideband
Falcon III AN/PRC-117G Fulfills Requirements for 'JTRS-Approved' Status
06 October, 2008
First Wideband/Narrowband Radio Deployed by U.S. Department of Defense
Harris Corporation - $15 Contract for Radios to Poland
18 June, 2008
Harris Corporation has been awarded a $15 million contract to supply the Polish Ministry of National Defense with tactical communications equipment and accessories.
Harris Corporation - Radios for U.S. Army Mine Resistant Vehicles
12 June, 2008
Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS), an international communications and information technology company, has received a $42 million order to provide high-frequency (HF) vehicular radio capabilities to the U.S. Army for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles.
Falcon II(R) Multiband Manpack Radios Under New $350 Million IDIQ Contract
09 June, 2008
U.S. Marine Corps Awards Harris Corporation $118 Million in Orders for Falcon II(R) Multiband Manpack Radios Under New $350 Million IDIQ Contract
Harris Corporation - Satellite Antenna Deployed
30 April, 2008
An antenna reflector built by Harris for the geosynchronous ICO G1 global communications satellite was successfully deployed on orbit Saturday, April 26, and will play a key role in providing next-generation mobile communications services across North America.
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